10 November 2014

The search for the best nude nail polish continues although I may have found a worthy runner-up.

 I came in to work the other day and an unsuspecting officemate is wearing this very shade. I say unsuspecting because she didn't have a clue that my eyes were on her nails.

I didn't want to be too obvious and be that awkward old lady who stares at people's nails but guess what, I was that lady! I learned a few things though; it's acceptable to ask for the nail polish names before saying hello or good morning; and I am not really that awkward after all.

The adored nail polish is Revlon Classic Nail Enamel in Elegant.

I love this shade so much it has found a place in my travel makeup bag. This baby is coming with me to my holiday.

It's not really beige-nude or just a nude-taupe. There's some grey into it which makes it interesting and flattering on tanned skin. There is a slight sheen to it but not in a pearlescent kind of way. It is very neutral and you only need two coats and you're done. If I were to pick one thing that I don't like, it would be the brush. I need a flat brush to get that decent (even) finish. I hope that changes one day. Come on Revlon!

Why not try nude nails over french tips if you're getting married? This is a great wedding day nails me thinks!

There you go, a whole post about a nude nail polish. This goes to show how much I love this shade :)

So go my lovely beauties and get this shade and thank my office mate later.

I'll talk to you all soon xx

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