PRICELINE HAUL (from the 40% Off Cosmetic Sale)

19 November 2014

So it happened. Priceline and their 40% crazy sale. As always they took my money away. 

There was no stampede of some sort like my previous experience and I was more organised this time, I can probably admit that I stayed calm and collected too. I even came with a list! Hallelujah! And I had a plan:

The Plan
1 - Create a list
2 - Google the products in the list
3 - Revise the list based on reviews
4 - Finish work on the dot (can't be a minute late)
5 - Pick-up child
6 - Pick-up food/snack/early dinner for child
7 - Head to Priceline
8 - Swatch the products by brand 
9 - Walk around and decide
10 - Make sure child is fed or eating
11 - Continue browsing
12 - after 30mins - start making final decision
13 - Pay and leave
14 - And Don't forget the child 

The plan was executed smoothly. However, I was there for almost an hour because I was looking for testers most of the time.The only thing that I hate during these sales is the testers go missing. It's like they go on strike because they are going to be swatched like crazy or people just nick them really.

While my list seemed endless and unreasonable, I've managed to narrow it down to the following items:

Models Prefer Weekender Bag set - This is what took me the longest. I was looking for this design and colour. The majority on display were neon bright chevron prints and I almost bought that until I saw a lady holding the monochrome set. This is what I've been wanting to take on the honeymoon to carry my essentials and hooray for the lady who told me where to get it from. This item is only sold in stores so hurrry!

L'Oreal Telescopic Unlimited Length False Lash Effect (Magnetic Black) -  I've been loving the Telescopic range so I've been trying out the different types in the range. This has so much promise and I hope it delivers. I am taking it to the cruise with me so it better work.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Medium) - a backup because why not.

And of course, 3 lip products.

Infallible Le Rouge (Ravishing Red) - This is what JLo wore on the ad campaign for the Le Rouge range. I've been eyeing this for the longest time but I waited for the sale. This is a warmer red and will compliment a tanned skin better and I aim to be more tanned that I already am in this trip.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Coral Calling and Natural Beauty - these are my first Essence lipsticks. They are always tucked away in the corner of the store but my research told me that they carry amazing longlasting lipsticks! This is normally AU$4.70 and with the sale it's now AU$2.82. I mean come on! I am telling you now, Coral Calling is a similar shade to Estee Lauder's Defiant Coral and before you go all gaga - I am just saying the shade and not the formulation. I still aim to get Defiant Coral through duty free shopping.

Here's are some quick swatches. Look how pretty!

(L-R): L'Oreal Ravising Red, Essence Natural Beauty, Essence Coral Calling

So there you go, a very quick and small haul! What did you get from the sale?

I need to pack now! I'll speak to you soon! xx


  1. Great haul! Love the L'Oreal lipstick!

    1. Thanks hun! it's still one of my most used red to this date :)


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