21 November 2014

I did it. I had a haircut and I had a major colour change.

My last haircut was probably just before the wedding. I ombre'd it on my birthday - Link! - and then nothing. It was long and dull and basically Momma needs a change.

I booked an appointment with the lovely Nicola of Mane Road for Hair and magic happened.

I wanted something similar like what Sincerely Jules hair and a long bob and lots of bottom layers. But I wanted light ombre-ish. And here's what we came up with:

It's shorter (my version of shorter). It's still ombre'd as I love this look for now. The ombre is very much lighter than my previous ombre which refreshing to see.

Since the change, I've managed to bombard my friend and asked her if we can tone it down a little bit as I feel it's too light. It's really just me and being out of my comfort zone but she's happy to do so when I get back from my trip.

We are also going to add more transition effect from my own hair colour to the start of the ombre. So it's not quite the finish product but needless to say I am very pleased with the change. Definitely out of my comfort zone but I am embracing it!

The only thing with ombre is it looks much (better) good on curly/wavy hair with lots of textures so we'll see I'll go about fixing my hair in a very short of time on a daily basis.

Have you had a hairstyle change that rocked your socks off?

Hope you're all well and happy!

Speak soon xx


  1. It looks fantastic!!! :) I normally find that once I start going light, I keep wanting it lighter and lighter hahaha Going blonde can be addictive... and expensive :)


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