14 November 2014

I caved in and applied the Kester Black nail polish I got from my Bella Box - Link! In the process of doing so I also made a booboo and cut myself!

What I think about it?

Availability - They do sell online. I am not sure about shipping though because as far as I know, you can't ship nail polishes within Australia. I found some stockist though in perth, there are 4 in Perth - (Link!)

The idea of it being cruelty free makes me feel very comfortable and happy. I feel like I've contributed to a good cause.

The shade however is not the nude I like on my nails. This shade looks more like pastel yellow more than nude.

It chips on day 2 so if you like your polishes to stay put longer then consider another brand for a top coat?

On another good note, the pigmentation is amazing. You can get away with 1 coat but on this photo I used 2 because I felt I needed to compensate my rubbish painting skills with loads of coats.

I have to admit, it's a little boring post.

Thank you for reading anyway!

I'll speak to you about some interesting haul tomorrow (hopefully it's interesting).

Have a fun Friday! xx

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