KATY PERRY PRISMATIC TOUR - Perth, Western Australia

08 November 2014

Can someone get that please?!

I swear my ears are still ringing from last night's shenanigans but oh it was all worth it.

The lovely husband kindly and lovingly took me to the Katy Perry Prismatic concert last night. (I actually forced him) It was Ms Perry's first show in Australia and she gave us, her Katy Cats, ONE.AWESOME.NIGHT.

Let's talk about the crowd. Her Katy Cats (fans) took it to another level. I mean there were Cleopatras, Jungle ladies, cupcake-tutu-wearers ladies everywhere. The ladies (on a date) brought their A-game and wore the tightest dress possible with their cat ears head bands on while their dates held their cool together and gave the other men some manly-stares of I know what you're going through bro. Anything for brownie points for sure. There were mum-daughters date and daddy-daughters date. There were guys in blue wigs, hoola skirts and ninja turtles costumes. And there were ladies in 2-piece of cloth/tea towel held by a string. Like I said another level.

Here's how my day/night went:

Getting Ready:

I thought why not curl my hair for the night. I haven't done it in a while. Why not curl it with a straightener / flat iron because I haven't done that EVER. What could possibly go wrong? Lessons learned came fast. First, my hair looked like a birds' nest. It was an epic fail and there were no do-over moments. Second, you'd think watching a YouTube tutorial as you do your hair will make it heaps easy? Think again. In the end, I went with the cray-big hair look and hoped that no birds will attack me.

I kept my whole makeup simple and minimal. It was definitely glasses-on kind of night all thanks to the magic touches of Hayfever. MUFE HD Foundation (128) on the face / Australis Cosmetics OH Hai Brow on the me eyebrows, loads and loads of L'Oreal Telescopic mascara on the lashes and MAC Dollymix on the cheeks.

I thought I'd redeem myself with an awesome lipstick. I used Revlon's ColourStay Ultimate Suede lipstick in "Couture". This baby stayed on my lips the whole night. It didn't transfer nor move even after copious amount of eating and drinking.

And here's how the rest of the night went:

We were cool. Public transport cool.

Comfort dressing was the name of the game. I am too old for wearing dresses and heels to go to a concert me thinks.

Some yummy Spaghetti marina that can knock your socks off kind of delicious.

Then finished off with some yummy Gelato sundae-ish with some local fresh strawberries. Don't mind if I do.

The stage, the props and the costumes were amazing! I felt like a kid in an awesome birthday party.
I mean look at that, how much effort is put in placed compared to some concert I attended last week, this is up level 9000!

The whole night was amazing. I was dancing, singing, screaming, clapping, the works. The more we cheered the more Ms Perry gave back. You can definitely sense that immense gratitude that she has on that moment for everyone who came to see her.

She's actually very funny! Ok, She's hilarious! If she ever decide to stop singing and making records, she can definitely be a stand-up comedian. She's got the witty English humour (that I love) perhaps a training she got from being married to Russell Brand at one point? She's really funny.

I can easily say that her concert last night was in my top 3 (of all time). I am keen to see her again the next time she comes round.

My only regret maybe from last night was the dance cam. Man I wanted to be in it so bad (so so bad). ;-)

Hope your Friday night was all Fireworks and Teenage dream too :)

Have a lovely weekend! xx


  1. Excellent review!!! Ms Perry is really growing on me. Love her later work.

    Fab necklace, too!
    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you!! Oh she's an awesome performer. she makes sure your money is worth spending on her hahahaha and the necklace is from Sussans :) I saw one in target - actually very same one - glass instead of plastic. and in Lovisa - but that's plastic.


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