24 November 2014

My latest acquisitions from the Priceline 40% sale last week are proving to be a Hit this time. It's from the brand Essence and it's their Longlasting Lipstick range.

This brand has been a hit and miss for me over the years. I own some of their eyeshadows and while I love them dearly, my fascination died as soon as I got my hands on another sparkly object. The lipsticks, however, are a total hit for me. I love how pigmented they are on lips and the shades available are all pretty.

Here's what you need to know:

Price - nothing can beat a AU$4.70 (retail price) for something this pigmented. I can honestly compare this to Wet 'n Wild lipsticks in US when it comes to price and quality. 

Scent - there's a hint of a sweet candy scent to it but it's not over powering

Longevity - while it says it's longlasting, it's not L'Oreal Infallible kind of longlasting. It stays on for a good 2-4 hours then it starts to fade. It does leave a good stain though.

It's not as moisturising as I hope it to be but it's acceptable.

Will I recommend it? Absolutely! Especially on young teens who are getting into makeup and realistically shouldn't be spending too much money on lipsticks.

The 2 shades I got are:

Coral Calling is a lovely coral/pink lipstick but more on the pink scale. It's very flattering on any skintone and it has that brightening effect when it's on your lips. I can honestly say that the shade is similar to Defiant Coral from Estee Lauder Pure Lipstick Envy. It's not a dupe but it's in the same shade family. It has that softness to it that brings out your soft features. I really love it.

Natural Beauty is a lovely pink-nude-mauve shade. I am always drawn to this shade as you can tell from all my other posts. It's a lovely nude pink shade great for everyday wear.

If I were to pick a favourite I would choose Coral Calling simply because it suits my new hair much better and there's something about it that brightens up my face and yet it's not too out there kind of bright lipstick.

Here's some lip swatches:

Have you tried any of the Essence lipsticks? What do you think of them?

And oh just to be clear, I am still getting Estee Lauder's Defiant Coral and I can't wait!

I'll speak to you soon lovelies xx


  1. These sound great. Perfect for the drawer of makeup at work for emergencies.

    SSG xxx

    1. oh definitely! it is also stashed in my drawer at work :)


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