12 October 2014

Missoni For Target finally happened.The released crashed the Target site on launch day and led a lot of angry fashionista so angry. Thunder and Lightning and people crying on social media "Why me?!!!!" because no one can add anything in their baskets!

I skipped it, the launch day I mean. I thought I'll go the next day but so as the rest of the Western Australia. It was pretty much what everyone else were thinking about because my local Target were packed and the shoppers acted like vultures around the merchandise. Oh don't you be putting back anything on the shelf because it will be snapped. 

I literally panicked and grabbed items that looked good but I would never pick in million years and then I also picked dresses and skirts that I know I can pull off. You see the actual Missoni print is unforgiving most of the times to my type of body shape. And the sizes are all off for me so it was frustrating.

Let's discuss the dresses I tried on (L - R):

First is this wrap dress. What can go wrong in a wrap dress? It's usually flattering on most body shapes but not mine apparently. I got my normal size and while it looks like a good fit, it's really not. There was a shortage of the wrap factor which means I need a size up but then the size up asks for a LOT of boobage and I really mean a lot. I considered putting a cami underneath but it's just way too big so I passed.

Second is this skirt. It look so amazing on the rack. This is the first item I picked. I thought perfect! Midi, check! Monochrome, Check! Almost like a pleated skirt, check! I got my normal size but it was huge! I mean look at it, I was channeling penguin for sure. I thought let's get a size down but oh no, people knew before me that these skirts run big so they all got a size down. So then I passed again.

This V-neck full skirt dress is so beautiful. I mean I'm already thinking Melbourne Cup, Christmas parties and Valentines. I saw a future with this dress just like Bachie did to the Bachelorettes. But oh boy the sizing was off again. From the waist down, I need my usual size but for the love of me, I could not zip it all the way up and for sure one size up is going to be way too big. So once again I passed.

At this point, I'm losing all hope that I'll find something nice and I am feeling blah about my body. My self-esteem was scarred.  I mean did I gain weight again? I was also convinced that the Missoni print hates me.

And then some unsuspecting lady put a pair of shoes back on the rack, it's all in a box and closed and I had no idea what it looks like but my eyes told my brain It's your effing size! And so I grabbed it and started walking back to the fitting room with a few more dresses. Let's just say the dresses didn't cut it (again) but the shoes was totally a necessity. I.NEED.IT.

Here it is. How cute is this bag?

And there you go my mad dash resulted with just a pair of shoes. There are other items in there that I am still having dreams about. I think if I get lucky, i'll go back for the skirt but get one size down. And maybe even get some of the homewares and maybe the nappy bag and wait maybe the beach bag too. Christmas Wishlist?

Hope your weekend is not as cray as mine.

Speak Soon! xx

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