30 October 2014

Here's the deal, I deleted all the photos I took this morning. It was an impulsive clean out thinking I've got it sorted. Ah Nope. All photos taken today were deleted and my trash emptied. Funny really. So I thought why not take this as a sign to start doing Taking Stock posts where I update you about me. I actually love reading this kind of posts from other Bloggers so I'm gonna give it a go. Call this my buffer post.

Here we go...

Making: a list of what to pack for our holiday. The list is just in my head though, I haven't scribbled anything yet. I'll most likely over-pack again.

Cooking: and freezing batches of Filipino food for the Fam Bam so I don't have to cook everyday.

Drinking: Coffee but I wish it's Gloria Jeans Peach Iced Tea with heaps of ice.

Reading: Beauty blogs to help me create my Christmas wishlist. I want a lot of things! I seriously need Estee Lauder Pure Envy lipsticks me thinks. I hope santa is reading this post again.

Wanting: (Desperately) to visit the new Zara store in town. It's calling me mummy.

Playing: With the idea of a short hair in my head. I am thinking Jessica Mauboy's hair or Sincerely Jules. I need something easy yet not too short. Good luck to my hairdresser!

Wasting: time worrying about small things (as always).

Sewing: Dribble bibs for ze Toddler. At least that's the plan. I'll make it happen soon.

Wishing: for a great honeymoon with ze Husband.

Deciding: If I want a new wallet or a new cross body bag for Christmas. #toughdecisionstomake

Enjoying: my morning T25 sessions in peace. No toddler trying to make me laugh or climbing over my back when I do push-ups.

Waiting: for my first Bella Box!!

Liking: the idea of more date nights. We just watched Gone Girl and I enjoyed it so much.

Wondering: If I should make a poster to take with me to Mariah Carey concert on the weekend. I'm 34 yrs old who wants to make posters for MC. Isn't that cool or sad?

Loving: my new Australis Oh Hai Brow Kit. I love this better than my Benefit Browzing. Boom.

Considering: getting the Australis Contour palette but I don't really need it.

Watching: New Season Scandal, Flash, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and re-runs of Spooks.

Hoping: to lose more inches around the waist.

Marvelling: At the toddler and how he tries to put words together and still sound gibberish. I'm normally like that before I have my coffee so maybe he needs coffee? #badparenting101

Needing: A pedicure so bad! I need my feet to look presentable again.

Smelling: like a Jasmine flower. I'm loving the Moringa range in The Body Shop. It's fresh and very spring.

Following: new beauty blogs with hilarious authors like Muskstickmao!

Wearing: A Country Road pencil skirt from the I can't wear this box and top from Portmans. I need more skirts for work though to beat the heat. Beat the Heat! (any NBA fans out there? You know that phrase).

Noticing: That my toddler is more and more responsive now after his Grommets surgery. He's actually hilarious like a standup comedian.

Knowing: That My Kitchen Rules is coming back soon on TV to cease my reality TV cravings. The Bachelor Australia left me longing.

Thinking: of getting some new pillows.

Feeling: excited for the honeymoon.

Buying: Too much lipsticks.

Getting: Excited about the holiday and worried about my time away from ze toddler.

Bookmarking: more Australian Beauty blogs to follow. I think most of the blogs I read are from UK, it's time to go local.

Giggling: Over the idea of painting ze Toddler green for the Halloween so our Avengers family will be complete.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I'll do another photoshoot again and hopefully I won't end up deleting it again.

I'll see you tomorrow xx

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