Savvy Cosmetics by DB Lipstick and Blush review

23 October 2014

As far as I know, Savvy cosmetics is own by DB (Designer Brands) and they are known for their (very) affordable prices. Personally, I didn't consider trying this brand because it's too cheap and for me that usually mean crappola quality and waste of money. (I am not really a brand snob, promise). Then one of my favourite Aussie blogger, Makeup and Macaroons, featured 2 Savvy lipsticks on IG for #7daysoflipstick and before you know it I was already imagining a Priceline haul.

Beauty bloggers are divided about this brand. Majority were saying that it's a hit and miss and the common suggestion is either go for the matte lipsticks and/or the classic blushes. I say go for both!!

I got a lipstick (Savvy Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in San Fran) and a blush (Savvy Classic Blush in Rose). How gorgeous is the shade San Fran? I mean for AU$6.99 I think it's a winner!

What you need to know about the lipstick:

- It's a matte finish with some specks of silver glitter (go figure)
- It's very pigmented
- It lasts for hours but it does transfer so be careful who you kiss ;-)
- The application can be a little "tugging" but once the product warms up on your lips it then becomes comfortable
- It's heck cheap!
- No significant scent

What you need to know about the blush?

- Great pigmentation
- Stays put on the cheeks for hours
- It blends well on the skin
- There is slight sheen to it so it's not totally flat
- Heck cheap!

It's unusual to get cheap cosmetics in Australia and when you do the quality is usually poor. I think you really need to see these products in person and swatch the heck out of them. It's cheap but not everything in the range is worth the money (even if it's just a few dollars). The matte lipsticks are amazing and if you're into bright matte lippies then this is just right up your alley. The blushes are amazing too and I can see myself going for more shades when I get the chance. You can never have too many blushes I reckon.

Are you Savvy Cosmetics fan?

I'll speak to you soon xx


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