#SallyHansen Spring Racing Collection in Almost Almond

07 October 2014

I finally tried on the new polish I got from Sally Hansen - Spring Racing Collection in shade Almost Almond. I believe that this is an Australian only release? or maybe not. Maybe they just used the racing seasons as part of their marketing and named it "Racing Collecion". 

Anyway, so I did my nails.

My painting skills remain in a level most people would describe as rubbish
It's the ultimate crapola. Totally made up word btw.

The shade however is beautiful.

It's pearlescent Ivory with golden sheen to it. There is no 3D effects-kind like other pearlescent type polishes, you know the ones with purple or bluish tinge to it. The shade is simple and clean. Let's just say that it's nude but it's not flat. hhmm does that even make sense? hahaha

I like this because it's neutral enough to match any outfit and any jewelry combo. I think this is very similar to Essie's Allure or what is more known for as the Kate Middleton's wedding nail polish. Which is why I feel sophisticated and chic at the moment. Lah-dee-dah.

It's definitely one of the better nude shades I've tried. It's not brown, it's not mauve. It's definitely ivory beige.

Sadly, my quest for the best nude polish is still on. I really want to find something similar to CND Shellac's Powder Me Nose but in a more home-kit friendly formula.

Do you like nude nails?

Speak soon xx

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