17 October 2014

When a product is named with a big promise like 25HR lasting finish you get tempted like a moth to a fire. I for instance were immediately bought by the idea. Challenge accepted.

There are 2 types in this range, I got the one with Comfort serum and it has full coverage. The other type is the Lasting Nude Finish and apparently this has medium coverage.

My criteria for liking a foundation are simple:

1. It has to last on my face for a good few hours. (8hrs max perhaps - longer than that is a bonus)
2. Primer shouldn't be necessary (becuase I am not really a big primer person)

3. It should stand with humidity and heat (summer is coming!)
4. Scent should be decent
5. Coverage should be decent
6. It shouldn't feel heavy on the face
7. It shouldn't feel or look cakey
8. Pump dispenser
9. Colour matching should be easy
10. Price should be justified by its amazingness.

Here's how it looks like on my skin.

So what do I think?

I'll give it 3.5 stars out of 5.
It's a good foundation BUT .. here comes the but.... but to me it didn't live up to its promise of 25hr staying power, not that I do wear makeup that long but I can see the product sliding off my face by mid-day. Touch-ups were needed.

The coverage is fantastic - it can cover pretty much all my freckles if I apply 2 coats on. It takes a while to settle on the skin and that adds time in the morning. As for finish, I get a semi-dewy effect but I still finish it off with some powder to correct the colour as the shade I got is a tad darker and with a pink undertone. Big.Sigh. It would have been great if I could skip the powder all together.

It has a lovely fruity scent which reminds me of a perfume I used to wear in highschool. It's comfortable on the skin and it's not that heavy given it's a full coverage. It has a pump dispenser so win-win! And lastly it's affordable.

Probably if the colour matched me perfectly then it will be very comparable to Revlon ColorStay.

Have you given this a go?

Speak Soon xx

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