20 October 2014

There's something going on with my skin. I can't seem to make any of my loved liquid foundation to work. It looks ashy on me. All of them too! I have a feeling it's my current moisturiser. I think (maybe) the SPF factor in that cream is more a physical sunscreen rather than chemical one? It's really bugging me. So for the time being, I am back to basics. And I mean really basic basics. Powder foundation.

These is my make-up mess this morning.

Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder - Medium/Deep
Revlon - Pink in the Afternoon (my all time favourite pink)
MAC Dollymix (all time favourite blusher)
L'Oreal Telescopic - New Mascara love.

Speaking of MAC Dollymix, I am not sure if they have reformulated it but I was just at the MAC counter the other day and hoping to get this blush for my cousin. 
Here comes a vent! I asked the ever so snobby MUA for the said blush and she gave me this peachy-golden thing. I said in the nicest possible way, " I don't think that's the right blush". She defensively raised her eyebrow because how dare I question her. She then flipped it over and boom, it's indeed Dollymix. I apologised and said the one I have is more pink, bright pink. She then said oh are you sure it's not fake? I said in the nicest possible way, I am sure because your now manager sold it to me many years ago. End of vent! 
The new version of this blush looks very peachy-golden. I won't lie though, it is still a lovely (new) shade but no where near the original colour. Dear MAC, bring it back!. Dear MAC, bring it back!. #repeat

As for the lipstick, this particular shade is not available in Australia. It's a US-only shade but luckily it's permanent (for now at least) so eBay is your friend. It's the yummiest pink-nude with yellow undertone. Don't judge me if I have a backup of my backup.

Here' the FOTD. No eye makeup, just good old foundation, blush and mascara - basics. The brows are given, I have to always draw them in. The hair didn't stay that glamourous either. It was put in a ponytail shortly after a toddler grabbed a hold of it.

Ok, time to find more about the latest goss about the #TheBachelorAU drama. Exciting!

Hope your mondayitis is not as bad today.


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