16 October 2014

I've been digging out my summer clothes from the  I can't wear any of this box and I found an old favourite dress, possibly 3 yrs old now. It's a shift / T-shirt / Bodycon dress from Country Road. In all honesty, I am not sure how to describe this dress. It's T-shirt material like 100% cotton but it looks like a shift dress with the right ruching around the tummy area concealing my babygut but it looks like bodycon dress too without the tight-stretchiness to it. 

3 Things that makes me happy about this dress:
  1. I paid good money for it which goes to show that good quality clothes lasts longer (provided you look after it as well). I know I wore this a LOT before because of my cost per wear justification but I am amazed how it is still in great condition. Money well spent.
  2. You best sit down for this point ... are you sitting down? OK, this is a pre-baby dress and is size XS! yes, an extra small people! Hallelujah!! 
  3. Did I say it's an extra small?
No way I lost weight hence the excitement to be able to fit in this dress. It's one of those dresses that is forgiving. I had to pair it with a plain chambray shirt just so I won't feel too conscious should the old gut decides to make an appearance. The print however creates this illusion and makes your eyes confused. is it a gut? or it is the fabric? pppfffff-smoke-magic!

Here's some sneaky little OOTD.

How do you like my messy hair? It's a I-didn't-brush-my-hair kind and I like it. If only I can get more volume around the roots without having to use hair tools or lots of product that would be the dream.

I am still thinking of cutting it (eventually). I've been having deep conversations with myself and my hairdresser (Mane Road for Hair) and also SincerelyJules - not that Jules knows me but I love her hair and she's my hair muse.

And here's me looking at my shoes pose. It's not really getting better is it?

Random:  I think I need to put pebbles on that area of my garden. It's clear of weeds but it's lacking some oomph to it.

Dress: Country Road (old but here's something similar - Link!)
Shirt: Forever21 - old
Shoes: Peter Morrissey (still available in stores)
Necklace: Swarovski - can't find it online but here's something similar - Link!

This necklace is sooo preeeetttttyyyy :) (note the use of multiple vowels depicts the correct measure of prettiness). I'm constantly thanking my dear friend for this generous gift. Let's all thank her! Thank you!!

And there you go, today I am size XS. I'm gonna end my post in that note.

Speak soon xx


  1. You're so cute! Absolutely love the dress on you, looks amazing! :) x


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