14 October 2014

Got my nails done by me in case you haven't noticed the smudges around the nails itself. 

Finally I got to try the other shade from the Sally Hansen Spring Racing Collection - this is the peach of cake. I really want to become a nail polish namer when I grow up! Wait, is that even a job title?

As the name suggests, it's peach. If I were to describe it, it's a milky peach. If I were to elaborate on that, it's bright but not neon bright on the nails. It reminds me of macarons really. It's a dainty shade if that's even a proper adjective to use. It's a beautiful peach shade. period.

In other news, yesterday, Giacomo Missoni liked my instagram photo. It could be Giacomo or it could be the assistant but whatevs, it was the highlight of my day! Another thing was Stuart Machin, CEO and Managing Director of Target Australia or possibly his assistant also retweeted my tweet about the #MissoniForTarget. I get excited by these things and I shouldn't really but I do. I am a saddo.

Hope your Tuesday is treating  you kindly xx

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