OUTFIT ON REPEAT - #PeterMorrissey

10 October 2014

Ok I am gonna confess, I wore this outfit 2x in row this week. It had food stains at the end of Day 1 but oh no it didn't stop me wearing it again the next day.

Some might say it's too "dark" for spring..errr...hello, have you seen the yellow strip?

Some = husband

I seriously love this outfit. I got the skirt some time ago but only had the chance to wear it today without feeling cold (or looking like an idiot). It's from Peter Morrissey collection in Big W. It's lightweigh almost like silk. I love the zebra prints and the splash of yellow to brighten things up. And can we just have a slow clap happening for the side pockets. I mean skirts with pockets are awesome.

Possible less flattering pose right there but whatevs.

Uggh veins on my feet is getting ridiculous!

Skirt: Peter Morrissey for Big W - now on clearance I think
Shoes: London Rebel (ASOS) - sold out
Top: Portmans
Sunnies: Mink Pink

That's my post, short and sweet.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what I did, I've been shopping!

Have a great weekend xx

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