28 October 2014

May I present to you my new favourite pair of pumps. I have a thing for anything that resembles a leopard print.  It's seriously becoming an addiction now. It has to stop at some stage you'd think.

Here's the pair of shoes from ASOS that I've been saving for later for quite some time now. It's called ASOS Swiss Pointed Heels - Link!

Photo Source: ASOS.COM
I've been obsessing these ASOS pumps since the first time I saw it. The heels look comfortable and the print itself is just perfect. It's not that expensive but when I have other items in my Save basket I start to put these shoes last and let skirts and dresses take my money.

So when I spotted a similar pair from Big W, you can just imagine my glee. I mean look at them! They look so much alike! I have to admit that I love the print on the ASOS pair more but I just can't say no to these Emerson pair. Midi-heel, check! Leopard Print - check! AU$15 for the pair - check check!

It's seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes I own that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I can seriously wear this all day, chase the toddler, do grocery shopping, drive while still wearing it and still be comfortable (extremely comfortable).

Now in saying that, I am still saving the ASOS pair for later. I still want it, perhaps for Christmas? *hint* (Size 9 please Santa).

I hope santa reads this :)

Are you leopard print mad like me???
If you are then high-five to you!

See you tomorrow! xx


  1. Looks like a trip to Big W is on the cards!

    1. Target's got some nice nautical / breton stripes flats too but maybe my obsession in stripes is talking xx
      I got the pair you recommended from Kmart!


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