Winged Eye Look for Hooded Eyes

24 September 2014

Massive, massive, massive FAIL. I sucked at doing a winged eye look. There's no hope for me.

I don't think I've successfully done a winged eyeliner. I start off good, steady and with a very promising line then with just one flick it is all gone and butchered. Then I do the huge arrrgggghhhhhh, deep breath and start "correcting" the flick and the line and then back to the flick and then just give up. At one point I started going back and forth aimlessly.

It's my eye shape i think. I've got hooded eyes you see. I tried searching for celebrities with similar eye shape for some inspiration and nada.

It's annoying me big time because it should be easy and trust me I've been practising since 2007.

Here's my fail attempt #87382029372910 to a winged eye look.

Perhaps I'll just have to accept that winged eye look is not for me. It is my Achilles' Heel for sure.

What's the one thing you can't do makeup wise?

Have a relaxing evening! xx

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