The one about Body Oils

09 September 2014

I'm new to this Body Oil business. I love facial oils but I haven't really ventured on to Body Oils until recently and I think I am still unsure.

I think my idea of a body oil is tainted solely because, my 14yr old self back in the olden days, did use Baby Oil to replace the usual body lotion out of curiosity because the TV ad said that your skin turns like baby's soft skin.

Fact: I did not get baby soft skin!

I got sunburnt for starters because Sun and Oil in a tropical country don't really mix in a good way. I possibly collected all the dust there is and sand, the dirty kind of sand. My clothes had oil stains on them. So in my head, body oils = greasesunburn, sticky, magnet for all kinds of dust, oily, CRAP!

I should not have used baby oil in the first place really. 

Now that I am older (but not necessarily wiser), I'm trying to redeem Body Oils in my books so I've been trying out different products here and there. So far, I have these two.

MOR Marshmallow Body Oil - this was gifted to me so I didn't have any idea what marshmallow scent would be. I expected it to be extremely sweet but to my surprise it's the opposite. The site describes the fragrance as:

Marshmallow is collectively orchestrated with Vanilla Musk and Jasmine Flower that gloriously rapture in this pretty, feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy play beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume

I wish I am as eloquent as that in describing scents or fragrances. "Collectively orchestrated" my thoughts and I still end up with a rubbish description.

On my skin the scent turns something like a baby-powderish . But I can smell vanilla and jasmine and it probably lasts a good few hours on the skin and inevitably on your clothes (scent that is).

It leaves some kind of a shiny film on skin when you first apply it giving that glow but it disappears as your skin drinks it. (Not greasy at all). I think this is more a night time product especially after a warm bath,  However, I don't feel it's moisturising enough or maybe I'm so used to body butters? Don't like the bottle packaging as it's not tiled-floor friendly. 

Sanctuary Spa 4 Day Moisture Body Oil - this was something I bought on a whim. The words "4 Day Moisture" did the enabling. I mean so 4 day moisture, how does that work? The "moisture: stays even after you shower the next day? Or is it, your skin feels soft and moisturised even after 4 days of no showering? That was what going through my head when I purchased it.

Anyway the body oil is OK, it moisturises, it's not greasy and it's light. It doesn't leave a stain on your clothes but it leaves that scent lingering. Speaking of the scent, it is something familiar. It reminds me of Dior's Poison perfume or even Thierry Mugler's Alien. The plastic bottle is a plus! I don't know if the 4 day moisture claim works because I still apply this after every shower at night. 

I think body oils are best applied at night so you wake up with skin soft the next day. At least that's the idea.

Question is would I recommend?
I am not really sure. Maybe because I am not used to Body Oils or I haven't found THE body oil?
But it's a nice addition to my night time skin care routine. I am not totally sold but it's not that bad either.

Have you tried Body Oils? What's your favourite? How often do you use it?

Again, random post.

Talk to you tomorrow! xx

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