The one about the Body (Creams) Cremes

08 September 2014

I am that woman who get sucked in with the signs like "new product" or "new formula" or "introductory price" or "new packaging" when it comes to body creams/butter/lotion.

Add phrases like "long-lasting moisture"or "silky-smooth" or "bathe in the creaminess" or "indulge your senses" or "pamper your skin" or "heavenly scent", etc and I am totally smitten. I will immediately need in my life. Anyone who knows me well will know my obsession on lotions and creams is on another level :)

Here are my all time favourites that I switch around. It doesn't look a lot but trust me when I say these tubs are winners in my books.

The Body Shop - Shea Body Butter (Link!)
Lush - Creme Anglaise (possibly discontinued)
Dove Purely Pampering Body Silk Lotion with Shea Butter (Link!)
The Body Shop - Moringa Body Butter (Link!)

Body Shop Body Butters - is the bomb diggity. It never disappoints. I probably tried every single flavour (scent) there is over the last 10 years and I could not say anything bad about it. It's sooooo moisturising, My skin feels like a (clean) baby's bottom the whole day. The scent is long-lasting on the skin and clothes! I love the Shea Butter during autum/winter because the scent feels warmer and richer. The Moringa scent has a special place in my heart because I wore this on my wedding day to compliment my perfume (J'Adore Lor). I love the fruity scents in summer especially Strawberry so clearly my love for the body butter goes through all the seasons.

Lush Creme Anglaise - this I think is now discontinued which sucks because this is my backup tub. I can't find it in their website at all. But anyway, just for your information, this has that baby powder smell and it's so light but oh so moisturising. I find myself sleeping better when I get in one of those sleepless nights just by having this on my skin and smelling like a baby. weird.

Dove Body Silk - is probably the nicest surprise. It's cheap but it is so heavenly on skin! The predecessors of this new formula body silk was weak and just meh, Let's say it lacked that oommph of extra moisture that you would want from a body butter type but when this came out I was immediately drawn to it and thank the heavens it wasn't rubbish at all. I actually preferred this more than my usual body butters this past winter.

Phew! what a ramble hahaha

I need to get another scent for Summer haha

Are you body butter mad like me?

Talk to you tomorrow xx

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