Spring Shoes + Shirt Dress

04 September 2014

It's officially Spring!! I that feel there's always the need to have transition clothes when you're in between seasons. Yes I called it, there is the need and it doesn't really help when the shops are flooded with almost-warm-but-still-chilly kind of clothes and shoes.

I do have a list of things or shall we call it Key Pieces that I want for Spring/Summer and I found the shoes!

Brown/Tan - Check!
Zip Opening at the back! - Check! (this has become a very important criteria in choosing shoes, it has to be easy to put on and take off)
Open toes - Check!
Booties but its not really - Check!
Cut-out design - Check! Check!

This was actually inspired by TiffanyD's shoes that she got from Banana Republic called the Ivie. While I lust for her shoes day and night, I've come to a resolution that I will just find something similar and my wish came true thanks to Target clearance sale! They were on clearance from AU$40 to AU$15 some time ago so I am not really sure if they are still available so my apologies. This style of open-toe booties are good for Spring or Autumn so I'm pretty sure you'll find something similar wherever you are.

I envisioned these babies together with my favourite navy shirt dress (one of my timeless key pieces) I got from ForeverNew many moons ago and I think they look so cute together.

The photo below makes me laugh!  You can definitely see my camera remote haha but hey you can see the dress and #thatswhatmatters

Sadly when I put this outfit on the weather turned sour and the sunshine quickly disappeared and I was back in my jumper and jeans. Spring? But how cute is this number together.

I found some shirt dresses for you from ASOS that you may like - Link!

Do you go for timeless key pieces or just whatever is hot and in at the moment?

I do both but more on the timeless key pieces. The shoes is definitely a steal but one day I'll find a decent pair that I will splurge for sure. Perhaps when I know my feet is not going to grow again like it did after I had my little boy.

Hope it's sunny where you are.

Talk to you tomorrow xx

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