Shopping dilemma

23 September 2014

I am on the hunt for some decent swimwear and ASOS got some nice ones. It has taken over all my "me times" the past few days and I am still without a single item in my basket.

I think it's my post-baby body that's making it challenging and all I am comfortable with is the good old one-piece.Something about it that is comforting and safe (sometimes borderline boring) but I am looking for more fun and sexy and less frumpy-magee.

There are some decent one piece swimsuits that can hold my gut, expose the right amount of cleavage and hide my angry looking belly button but seem to be overpriced.

There's the Borat inspired deep-V swimsuits but I think you need a good pair of perky and happy boobs for it.

There are also the cut-out designs and I find it sexy and oh so trendy but imagine that on me.. geez.. I'll probably look like a chicken roll or something.

The harry-high-pants are back in too so maybe I could sport a pair? How different is it from my granny knickers anyway, right?

So after a good weekend of browsing and saving for later, I've come down to 5 and I need to choose one or maybe 2 items and then I'm done. I also started listing down makeup (as you do) just in case I come across some Duty Free shopping in the future.

Here's an over-doodled photo of my shopping list - I found this app called You Doodle that let's you draw over your photos and before you know it I've seriously butchered my well-put together photo collage. 
Should we even need to discuss this? isn't my doodle awesome?

As you can see, I think I'll get the 2  bathers that I circled. I actually prefer the Oasis Digital Rose Print more (middle, top row). The ones with the question marks are my "maybes" - they look cute but can I actually put it off? Maybe I'll get harry-high-pants.

And the random makeup items are just my list to take should I get to do some duty free shopping. I really want to get my hands on the new Dior Star foundation and the new Estee Lauder Color Envy lipstick but I want the duty free prices. And the OPI nail polish in Bubble Bath is amazing so I want that too and maybe just throw in there the new Bourjois Rouge 12hr lipstick. #justsaying.

Just to be clear, the Estee Lauder lipstick I want is not in grey - this is just how it turns out after copying the photo from their site. 

That's my ramble. I need to make a decision soon before all the sizes go. Wish me luck!

Hope you're feeling positive today! xx

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