#MiracleMani - Birthday Suit take 2

29 September 2014

Remember my post about he Miracle Mani in Shade Birthday Suit? If you look back on this post -  (Link!) - it was obvious that I have love/hate relationship but it's only with this particular shade. It's an amazing nude but it's just a pain in the ass.

But thanks to reality TV, think I may have discovered the best way to apply it and it's my duty to report this.

My epiphany was realised while watching the ever so entertaining #TheBachelorAustrlia. They did some sneaky product placement of the new Miracle Gel Polish while the girls were happily chit chatting and doing their nails. One girl is applying the very same shade and let's just say her nails (on both hands) looked immaculate. Let's also pretend she did it all herself and no nail's expert did it for her behind the scenes, ok?

The order of polish and chitchat was:

1 - Apply first coat on one hand
2 - Complained about why another girl kissed The Bachelor on a group date! On a group date people!
3 - Apply first coat on the other hand
4 - Complain about how it's rude it was to "monopolised" The Bachelor on a group date.
5 - Apply the second coat
6 - Complain some more
7 - Apply top coat
8 - Complain some more
9 - Boom, immaculate nails!

So I did the very same thing and look! May I present to you my immaculate looking nails on my left hand *tada* I wish I could say the same for my right hand but hey it's an improvement. No streaks and no bald patches.

I just followed what the girls in the Bachelor house were doing. I applied a coat then talked non-sense about #theBachelorAustralia then applied another coat then talked more non-sense and repeat.

And that my friend is how I spent my Saturday night. Things can get exciting when you have a DVR. On a good note, I am much more up to date with The Bachelor and I am now #TeamLisa!

For some hilarious reviews about the show, check - Rosie's Reviews on Mamamia.

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