Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Polish (Deep Red)

19 September 2014

I love this nail polish so much it deserves a post on its own.

How sexy is this red? I mean, come on tell me. This instantly makes me feel sexy and sophisticated even when I'm dressed in plain shorts and tees, no makeup and covered in dirt from the garden. Amazing red. Enough said.

This is seriously my favourite drugstore gel polish. Stays on for days (7 max) even after countless dishwashing and toddler baths. This stuff is seriously amazing. I wish they come out with more classic colours and a really nice beige nude. Yeah a beige nude that would be perfect!

This will be amazing on toes me thinks! I wish the name is as sexy as the colour instead of just Deep Red, oh well whatevs.

This is going to be an amazing Christmas nails kind of thing!!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx

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