Leopard Shoes + Chambray Shirt

10 September 2014

Today's OOTD is inspired by SimoneScribes' new Steve Madden leopard shoes. My version of the shoes is slightly different and let's just say on the cheaper side of things too.

My son's fascination of handing me my shoes on our way out every single morning made me realise I have 3 pairs of leopard print shoes and all the cheap pairs. How many should you own before you say ok that's it I'm splurgin'!

In case you forgot, it's this number right here. It's one of Peter Morrissey's shoe collaboration with BigW. It was on clearance and as always the leopard print did it. I haven't had the chance to take this on an outing until today because of Simone and because why not. I think it waited enough in the dark room, it's totally ready.

I still laugh at this photo! What a sneaky little photo. I forgot my trusty camera so it has to be the iPhone but hey you can see the full outfit and the shoes and that face. In case you're wondering the lipstick used is MAC Lustering and this was a result of shopping my stash.

The chambray shirt is from ForeverNew and the Ponte Pants are from Portmans and the shoes are from Big W :)

Note to self - bring camera.

Hope you're day is going well.

Talk to you tomorrow! xx

ps. i think it's ramble kind of post tomorrow.

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