Fuschia Flash

17 September 2014

A lovely mini-gift from the other half which proves he's the sweetest and bravest! I mean to actually go through all the lipstick shades swatching and deciding which one to buy is a true test of love. don't you think?

Meet Maybelline's Fuschia Flash it's from their Vivid range. A true Barbie pink. There's a lot of blue in this pink and I felt like I've awakened my inner Nicki Minaj just by having this on me lips.

I think this shade instantly gives you that warmth on your face. I think if you're tanned then this will have that extra wow.

I wore this the very next day when I went to the shops to get groceries.

I often wonder when I leave the house with a toddler in tow, do I look like overly done up? Is this too much? And after a short few seconds of contemplation I shake it off ala Taylor Swift sans the weird dancing and I go on with my day. Let's face it, it's just lipstick!

I still get conscious but at the end of the day, my makeup shouldn't define who I am as a person unless of course I have stitches on my face, ripped clothes and a name badge that says "Hello I am Frankenstein". You get the point. Makeup makes me feel confident and beautiful and not to mention very happy and giggly when I am applying them in the morning. It's my zen hour. And at night I take it off and the fun begins again the next day.

My mum used to say "as long as I have my eyebrows on (drawn) I can take the world". Gosh I miss her.

With that in note, let's draw our eyebrows or apply our favourite lipstick and take the world! (or the grocery shopping).

Hope you're feeling positive today!

See you tomorrow xx

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