Friday Bling and Glow #FOTD

12 September 2014

The weather outside is .......... S.U.N.N.Y!

Hi there!!

I did some spring cleaning here and there then I got bored. So I played with my make-up instead and that was fun. Well that was the aim but the spring cleaning bug bit me so I ended up cleaning my vanity table and makeup drawers. Hooooray!! It's more like organising and checking out expiry dates and what not. Not many products were thrown out this time and that feels bloody fantastic!

After cleaning, I got inspired to get done up so I can go to the shops and buy bread. No really that's what I did.

I whip out my favourite MAC Skinfinish of all time - MAC So Ceylon. Sadly this is no longer available. I know it was limited edition then it became permanent then now discontinued. I hope they repromote it because it's just the prettiest rosy-bronze shade ever. It looks so dark on the pan but trust me this creates the rosy-golden glow. It's one of the finely milled skinfinish that was release ever.

I also wore my favourite T-shirt at the moment, the PARIS tee from Miss Shop. I live in this t-shirt it's not even funny. I love to get more tees with French phrases it. It's my mission this Spring. Help me find them will you?  haha

And oh let's not forget the lip product of the day, I have MAC Lustering on because it is just gorgeous. So Ceylon + Lustering = Love.

I know, I know it's a little OTT to wear this necklace to the shops but there are no rules so why not. I think they look cute together.

Remember my mission ok. If you find any t-shirt with a French phrase on please message me on my Facebook page or comment below with the link! I am seriously obsessed.

Hope your Friday is going well. Have a great weekend! xx

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