Crazy hair and matte lips

15 September 2014

First, the hair...

I'm not one who buys hair products to tame or style. My hair is the least of my priorities. It doesn't get much attention apart from the usual wash and the occasional deep conditioning. Heat protectants and night time oils are as far as I go when it comes to treatments and as for hair styles, it's next to nothing unless it's my birthday.

This look is achieved by not brushing your hair after you've showered and then putting it in a loose braids over night. The look is borderline sexy bed hair and I've been attacked by birds. It's probably the latter as I end up putting my hair up for the fear of attracting real birds and I am not a big fan.

I'm still trying to perfect the effortless messy do and until then it will have to be crazy hair. I think I have to cut my hair to achieve the clean-messy-look so watch this space for some potential new hair style in the near future.

So now let's talk about this lipstick. This is my new favourite from Revlon Matte Balm in shade Striking. I mean who can't say no to this yummy raspberry shade? Revlon's Matte Balm is one of my favourite crayon lippie and perhaps my only issue is some of the shades in the matte range is very blah and just waste of space really but let's cover the good points:

- It's moisturising on lips even if it's matte. 
- It doesn't look dry on the lips and I doesn't feel dry
- It feels like butter but non-greasy
- It lasts longer on the lips and leaves a nice stain even after drink and food consumption 
- That minty scent is a nice touch. 
- The crayon shape makes the application much more precise
- This particular shade just brightens your complexion

And here's the rest of the shizz on my face. You can definitely see some old favourites making a comeback. I have to mention Kevin Aucoin's Precision Brow Pencil because I finally finished it after 2 years! It is one of my favourite brow pencil. It's a perfect match and I think I'm going to repurchase or maybe add it to my Christmas Wishlist! Say what, Christmas already?

Revlon ColorStay - Golden Caramel
Revlon Matte Balm in Striking (currently on 2 for $30 at Priceline)
Kevin Aucoin - Precision Brow Pencil in Basic Brown
Physician's Formula Youthful Wear powder (best finishing powder to give you that subtle glow)
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish - So Ceylon
CoverGirl LashBlast

And that was it, see.... it wasn't too much of ramble this time :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

See you tomorrow xx

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