Beauty in the eyes of a Toddler

11 September 2014

WARNING: this is a ramble post.

I was asked before what have I learned after being a mother. I wanted to post about it but I didn't want anything too heavy or controversial. So instead of going all serious and hormonal on things I've learned after being a mummy in general, I'd like to share what I've learned as a Beauty-Blogger Mummy instead so it's light and hopefully funny.

This is my toddler, let's call him Baby Mschikee.

My Top 10 Things I've learned after being a mummy as a Beauty Junkie / Blogger. 

1. Baby Mschikee doesn't care when I am all done up and looking pretty nor does he when I look like I've been hit by a bus.

2. Time becomes so important to the second and the day will feel shorter that blogging will be the last thing on your list because there's always something to put away or something to clean or something to do. So making time is a must and following a schedule will make your life a little less chaotic. I put my blogger hat on during nap times and/or after Baby Mschikee  has gone to bed at night and this has become my me-time. Just me and my blog. Thank goodness to the "schedule" feature too.

3. Getting ready in the morning can be relaxing one day and chaotic the other. Baby Mschikee is my shadow and he's in this stage of I want where mummy is all the time. I don't mind. I pick my battles. I have left the house one time with only one eyebrow drawn. Imagine that.

4. My lipsticks are now his toys. Baby Mschikee organises my lipsticks depending on the shape of the case/packaging. This is THE trick I do to get him busy on his own while I get ready (for now at least). I give him the box of all my lipsticks. He tips it over, put the similar looking lippies back in the box, chuck the odd looking ones behind him and repeat. This can last for up to 20mins max after that and still not ready then I lose the battle.

5. I have to learn to apply makeup in less than 20mins and that includes fixing my hair (or in most cases leaving it as it is). I really mean less than 20mins unless the husband is around then I get more time.

6. My lipsticks go missing.

7. I find random lipsticks everywhere.

8. My eye pencils are always in danger, all the time. Luckily, these pencils haven't met my walls yet.

9. Red lipstick kiss marks on baby's cheeks/face are not so cute when you find it on your clothes afterwards.

10. You may have a really good makeup day (which makes a great FOTD post) but your clothes will always have food stains of some kind or snot or the good ol' drool stain! It could be worse so I am still counting my blessings.

I have to be honest, this blogging after a baby would not be possible had I married the wrong guy. No matter how busy and tired we get from work and Baby Mschikee, I still get my Me-Time. My husband has been my biggest supporter and he's now my designated photographer and sometimes personal shopper when I couldn't get to the shops to get the latest lipstick I want. Kuddos to him!

Geez, this post is a ramble in its highest form I tell you :)

If you manage to read up to this point then my hats off to you too. Without you, my posts are just another blog post in the interweb. So Thank You for visiting and/or following this blog :)

See you tomorrow xx

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