Brand Focus: Real Techniques #realtechniques

30 September 2014

(L-R) Buffing Brush, Expert Face Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Miracle Complexion Sponge

These are my favourite Real Techniques brushes. I have to admit that the initial curiosity about using these brushes is mainly because I love and adore Pixiwoo sisters since the beginning of their YouTube career. You can call me biased but you have to trust me, these brushes are amazing!

- They are well made
- The fibres are uber soft
- No shedding (I've had these brushes for more than a year now and it is still intact)
- The handles don't rust
- It's easy to clean

#MiracleMani - Birthday Suit take 2

29 September 2014

Remember my post about he Miracle Mani in Shade Birthday Suit? If you look back on this post -  (Link!) - it was obvious that I have love/hate relationship but it's only with this particular shade. It's an amazing nude but it's just a pain in the ass.

But thanks to reality TV, think I may have discovered the best way to apply it and it's my duty to report this.

My epiphany was realised while watching the ever so entertaining #TheBachelorAustrlia. They did some sneaky product placement of the new Miracle Gel Polish while the girls were happily chit chatting and doing their nails. One girl is applying the very same shade and let's just say her nails (on both hands) looked immaculate. Let's also pretend she did it all herself and no nail's expert did it for her behind the scenes, ok?

The order of polish and chitchat was:

1 - Apply first coat on one hand
2 - Complained about why another girl kissed The Bachelor on a group date! On a group date people!
3 - Apply first coat on the other hand
4 - Complain about how it's rude it was to "monopolised" The Bachelor on a group date.
5 - Apply the second coat
6 - Complain some more
7 - Apply top coat
8 - Complain some more
9 - Boom, immaculate nails!

So I did the very same thing and look! May I present to you my immaculate looking nails on my left hand *tada* I wish I could say the same for my right hand but hey it's an improvement. No streaks and no bald patches.

I just followed what the girls in the Bachelor house were doing. I applied a coat then talked non-sense about #theBachelorAustralia then applied another coat then talked more non-sense and repeat.

And that my friend is how I spent my Saturday night. Things can get exciting when you have a DVR. On a good note, I am much more up to date with The Bachelor and I am now #TeamLisa!

For some hilarious reviews about the show, check - Rosie's Reviews on Mamamia.

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12h Lipstick

26 September 2014

My first ever Bourjois lipstick! *applause*

I read many moons ago on another blog that Bourjois is owned by Chanel. Say what?! *mind blown* So in other words drugstore prices for people who can't afford Chanel I guess?
Oh well, I'd let you sit in that fact while you read through the rest of the post.

Revelation aside, I finally caved in and got one of their new rouge lipsticks and surprise, surprise, I went for the nude shade! The shade is called Beige Shooting. It looks like a neutral pink with some yellow undertone to it just by looking at the tube.

Swatches on my hand presented itself as a warm-pink, almost the same shade as my lips. But on my lips it is muted and somewhat mid-tone with purple tint to it. I have to say I am a little disappointed, I thought it's my lips but better kind of shades. It's still a lovely shade and plus it's a matte and I love matte these days.

What you need to know:

- It's a matte finish (in case you didn't read that in the paragraph before this).

- No distinct scent. In fact I don't think it has a scent at all.

- It glides on well on the lips, no tugging or pulling kind

- The shade of the bullet in the tube is very Chanel like, just want to mention that.

- It's not as hydrating as the other matte lipsticks in this price range. You can honestly see cracks and dry skin on your lips after an hour or 2.

- I am not sure about the 12h claim. Maybe the darker shades leave more tint on the lips?

I think you can skip this shade if you own a lot of nude pinks. There is one shade called Pamplemousse Frimousse and this is a repromoted shade as it's very very popular. Perhaps I should've gone for that shade instead. Oh well.

Here's the best possible photo to show the true shade.

The lipstick came with a gift, a blush and a matte primer. I used it on today's makeup just to get some first impressions and here are my thoughts:

Blush in Rose Coup de Foudre is a lovely coral pink shade. This is very similar to Nars Deep Throat but more of the gold flecks. I am happy that this was the chosen shade for the gift. I think it will suit any skin tone.

Happy Light Matte Serum - this is meh product for me. The scent is hideous! It smells like chemicals, it's very off putting if I am being honest. However, it does mattify your face. Personally, I don't like a matte finish on the face, it's very flat and blah. I love highlights and dewiness. Maybe when summer really kicks in and I get really oily then this might be my skin's BFF?

Have you tried the Rouge Edition 12hrs? What are your thoughts?

Have a great weekend! xx

Winged Eye Look for Hooded Eyes

24 September 2014

Massive, massive, massive FAIL. I sucked at doing a winged eye look. There's no hope for me.

I don't think I've successfully done a winged eyeliner. I start off good, steady and with a very promising line then with just one flick it is all gone and butchered. Then I do the huge arrrgggghhhhhh, deep breath and start "correcting" the flick and the line and then back to the flick and then just give up. At one point I started going back and forth aimlessly.

It's my eye shape i think. I've got hooded eyes you see. I tried searching for celebrities with similar eye shape for some inspiration and nada.

It's annoying me big time because it should be easy and trust me I've been practising since 2007.

Here's my fail attempt #87382029372910 to a winged eye look.

Perhaps I'll just have to accept that winged eye look is not for me. It is my Achilles' Heel for sure.

What's the one thing you can't do makeup wise?

Have a relaxing evening! xx

Shopping dilemma

23 September 2014

I am on the hunt for some decent swimwear and ASOS got some nice ones. It has taken over all my "me times" the past few days and I am still without a single item in my basket.

I think it's my post-baby body that's making it challenging and all I am comfortable with is the good old one-piece.Something about it that is comforting and safe (sometimes borderline boring) but I am looking for more fun and sexy and less frumpy-magee.

There are some decent one piece swimsuits that can hold my gut, expose the right amount of cleavage and hide my angry looking belly button but seem to be overpriced.

There's the Borat inspired deep-V swimsuits but I think you need a good pair of perky and happy boobs for it.

There are also the cut-out designs and I find it sexy and oh so trendy but imagine that on me.. geez.. I'll probably look like a chicken roll or something.

The harry-high-pants are back in too so maybe I could sport a pair? How different is it from my granny knickers anyway, right?

So after a good weekend of browsing and saving for later, I've come down to 5 and I need to choose one or maybe 2 items and then I'm done. I also started listing down makeup (as you do) just in case I come across some Duty Free shopping in the future.

Here's an over-doodled photo of my shopping list - I found this app called You Doodle that let's you draw over your photos and before you know it I've seriously butchered my well-put together photo collage. 
Should we even need to discuss this? isn't my doodle awesome?

As you can see, I think I'll get the 2  bathers that I circled. I actually prefer the Oasis Digital Rose Print more (middle, top row). The ones with the question marks are my "maybes" - they look cute but can I actually put it off? Maybe I'll get harry-high-pants.

And the random makeup items are just my list to take should I get to do some duty free shopping. I really want to get my hands on the new Dior Star foundation and the new Estee Lauder Color Envy lipstick but I want the duty free prices. And the OPI nail polish in Bubble Bath is amazing so I want that too and maybe just throw in there the new Bourjois Rouge 12hr lipstick. #justsaying.

Just to be clear, the Estee Lauder lipstick I want is not in grey - this is just how it turns out after copying the photo from their site. 

That's my ramble. I need to make a decision soon before all the sizes go. Wish me luck!

Hope you're feeling positive today! xx

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Polish (Deep Red)

19 September 2014

I love this nail polish so much it deserves a post on its own.

How sexy is this red? I mean, come on tell me. This instantly makes me feel sexy and sophisticated even when I'm dressed in plain shorts and tees, no makeup and covered in dirt from the garden. Amazing red. Enough said.

This is seriously my favourite drugstore gel polish. Stays on for days (7 max) even after countless dishwashing and toddler baths. This stuff is seriously amazing. I wish they come out with more classic colours and a really nice beige nude. Yeah a beige nude that would be perfect!

This will be amazing on toes me thinks! I wish the name is as sexy as the colour instead of just Deep Red, oh well whatevs.

This is going to be an amazing Christmas nails kind of thing!!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx


I've been getting different products here and there for the past 2 weeks. Good ol' retail therapy.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Raspberry - this is limited edition and I can't find it online anymore. I waited months for this and I literally jumped for joy when I saw this in store. No second thoughts, it was immediately in my basket. The lady in the shop did the obligatory this-is-the-last-3-tubs-it's-limited-edition yada-yada thinking I'd fall into the trap and just buy everything. Let's just say, Trapped.big.time. I bought a backup of the backup. I'm a saddo.

Covergirl TruBlend Pressed Powder in Translucent Honey - an impromptu purchase led by the 2 for $22 promo. I was only getting my favourite summer foundation - Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 - when I saw the promo and I took it as a sign. I am actually loving it. It looks so natural on the face (surprisingly) and it has a good staying power even after a good sweat.

Maybelline Color Elixir in Caramel Infused - I'm so inlove with Rose redefined I had to get a nude shade. This lip gloss reminds me of Dior lip glosses but 10x cheaper.

Savvy lipstick in Nude - this is a dud purchase. It's totally meh shade. No redeeming feature to except I only paid like $3 for it which should have explained why it's crap. One of those it looked pretty on Instagram kind of encouragement. This is no where near a decent lipstick. Disappointment level 9000.

Maybelline Super Stay 7 days Gel Polish in Deep Red - a true classic red and I am excited (very very excited) to have it on my nails.

These are all coming with me (ok except the Savvy lipstick) to our holiday! wooot! 9 weeks seems so far away but it will come soon for sure.

Have a great weekend! xx

Fuschia Flash

17 September 2014

A lovely mini-gift from the other half which proves he's the sweetest and bravest! I mean to actually go through all the lipstick shades swatching and deciding which one to buy is a true test of love. don't you think?

Meet Maybelline's Fuschia Flash it's from their Vivid range. A true Barbie pink. There's a lot of blue in this pink and I felt like I've awakened my inner Nicki Minaj just by having this on me lips.

I think this shade instantly gives you that warmth on your face. I think if you're tanned then this will have that extra wow.

I wore this the very next day when I went to the shops to get groceries.

I often wonder when I leave the house with a toddler in tow, do I look like overly done up? Is this too much? And after a short few seconds of contemplation I shake it off ala Taylor Swift sans the weird dancing and I go on with my day. Let's face it, it's just lipstick!

I still get conscious but at the end of the day, my makeup shouldn't define who I am as a person unless of course I have stitches on my face, ripped clothes and a name badge that says "Hello I am Frankenstein". You get the point. Makeup makes me feel confident and beautiful and not to mention very happy and giggly when I am applying them in the morning. It's my zen hour. And at night I take it off and the fun begins again the next day.

My mum used to say "as long as I have my eyebrows on (drawn) I can take the world". Gosh I miss her.

With that in note, let's draw our eyebrows or apply our favourite lipstick and take the world! (or the grocery shopping).

Hope you're feeling positive today!

See you tomorrow xx

Crazy hair and matte lips

15 September 2014

First, the hair...

I'm not one who buys hair products to tame or style. My hair is the least of my priorities. It doesn't get much attention apart from the usual wash and the occasional deep conditioning. Heat protectants and night time oils are as far as I go when it comes to treatments and as for hair styles, it's next to nothing unless it's my birthday.

This look is achieved by not brushing your hair after you've showered and then putting it in a loose braids over night. The look is borderline sexy bed hair and I've been attacked by birds. It's probably the latter as I end up putting my hair up for the fear of attracting real birds and I am not a big fan.

I'm still trying to perfect the effortless messy do and until then it will have to be crazy hair. I think I have to cut my hair to achieve the clean-messy-look so watch this space for some potential new hair style in the near future.

So now let's talk about this lipstick. This is my new favourite from Revlon Matte Balm in shade Striking. I mean who can't say no to this yummy raspberry shade? Revlon's Matte Balm is one of my favourite crayon lippie and perhaps my only issue is some of the shades in the matte range is very blah and just waste of space really but let's cover the good points:

- It's moisturising on lips even if it's matte. 
- It doesn't look dry on the lips and I doesn't feel dry
- It feels like butter but non-greasy
- It lasts longer on the lips and leaves a nice stain even after drink and food consumption 
- That minty scent is a nice touch. 
- The crayon shape makes the application much more precise
- This particular shade just brightens your complexion

And here's the rest of the shizz on my face. You can definitely see some old favourites making a comeback. I have to mention Kevin Aucoin's Precision Brow Pencil because I finally finished it after 2 years! It is one of my favourite brow pencil. It's a perfect match and I think I'm going to repurchase or maybe add it to my Christmas Wishlist! Say what, Christmas already?

Revlon ColorStay - Golden Caramel
Revlon Matte Balm in Striking (currently on 2 for $30 at Priceline)
Kevin Aucoin - Precision Brow Pencil in Basic Brown
Physician's Formula Youthful Wear powder (best finishing powder to give you that subtle glow)
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish - So Ceylon
CoverGirl LashBlast

And that was it, see.... it wasn't too much of ramble this time :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

See you tomorrow xx

Friday Bling and Glow #FOTD

12 September 2014

The weather outside is .......... S.U.N.N.Y!

Hi there!!

I did some spring cleaning here and there then I got bored. So I played with my make-up instead and that was fun. Well that was the aim but the spring cleaning bug bit me so I ended up cleaning my vanity table and makeup drawers. Hooooray!! It's more like organising and checking out expiry dates and what not. Not many products were thrown out this time and that feels bloody fantastic!

After cleaning, I got inspired to get done up so I can go to the shops and buy bread. No really that's what I did.

I whip out my favourite MAC Skinfinish of all time - MAC So Ceylon. Sadly this is no longer available. I know it was limited edition then it became permanent then now discontinued. I hope they repromote it because it's just the prettiest rosy-bronze shade ever. It looks so dark on the pan but trust me this creates the rosy-golden glow. It's one of the finely milled skinfinish that was release ever.

I also wore my favourite T-shirt at the moment, the PARIS tee from Miss Shop. I live in this t-shirt it's not even funny. I love to get more tees with French phrases it. It's my mission this Spring. Help me find them will you?  haha

And oh let's not forget the lip product of the day, I have MAC Lustering on because it is just gorgeous. So Ceylon + Lustering = Love.

I know, I know it's a little OTT to wear this necklace to the shops but there are no rules so why not. I think they look cute together.

Remember my mission ok. If you find any t-shirt with a French phrase on please message me on my Facebook page or comment below with the link! I am seriously obsessed.

Hope your Friday is going well. Have a great weekend! xx

Beauty in the eyes of a Toddler

11 September 2014

WARNING: this is a ramble post.

I was asked before what have I learned after being a mother. I wanted to post about it but I didn't want anything too heavy or controversial. So instead of going all serious and hormonal on things I've learned after being a mummy in general, I'd like to share what I've learned as a Beauty-Blogger Mummy instead so it's light and hopefully funny.

This is my toddler, let's call him Baby Mschikee.

My Top 10 Things I've learned after being a mummy as a Beauty Junkie / Blogger. 

1. Baby Mschikee doesn't care when I am all done up and looking pretty nor does he when I look like I've been hit by a bus.

2. Time becomes so important to the second and the day will feel shorter that blogging will be the last thing on your list because there's always something to put away or something to clean or something to do. So making time is a must and following a schedule will make your life a little less chaotic. I put my blogger hat on during nap times and/or after Baby Mschikee  has gone to bed at night and this has become my me-time. Just me and my blog. Thank goodness to the "schedule" feature too.

3. Getting ready in the morning can be relaxing one day and chaotic the other. Baby Mschikee is my shadow and he's in this stage of I want where mummy is all the time. I don't mind. I pick my battles. I have left the house one time with only one eyebrow drawn. Imagine that.

4. My lipsticks are now his toys. Baby Mschikee organises my lipsticks depending on the shape of the case/packaging. This is THE trick I do to get him busy on his own while I get ready (for now at least). I give him the box of all my lipsticks. He tips it over, put the similar looking lippies back in the box, chuck the odd looking ones behind him and repeat. This can last for up to 20mins max after that and still not ready then I lose the battle.

5. I have to learn to apply makeup in less than 20mins and that includes fixing my hair (or in most cases leaving it as it is). I really mean less than 20mins unless the husband is around then I get more time.

6. My lipsticks go missing.

7. I find random lipsticks everywhere.

8. My eye pencils are always in danger, all the time. Luckily, these pencils haven't met my walls yet.

9. Red lipstick kiss marks on baby's cheeks/face are not so cute when you find it on your clothes afterwards.

10. You may have a really good makeup day (which makes a great FOTD post) but your clothes will always have food stains of some kind or snot or the good ol' drool stain! It could be worse so I am still counting my blessings.

I have to be honest, this blogging after a baby would not be possible had I married the wrong guy. No matter how busy and tired we get from work and Baby Mschikee, I still get my Me-Time. My husband has been my biggest supporter and he's now my designated photographer and sometimes personal shopper when I couldn't get to the shops to get the latest lipstick I want. Kuddos to him!

Geez, this post is a ramble in its highest form I tell you :)

If you manage to read up to this point then my hats off to you too. Without you, my posts are just another blog post in the interweb. So Thank You for visiting and/or following this blog :)

See you tomorrow xx

Leopard Shoes + Chambray Shirt

10 September 2014

Today's OOTD is inspired by SimoneScribes' new Steve Madden leopard shoes. My version of the shoes is slightly different and let's just say on the cheaper side of things too.

My son's fascination of handing me my shoes on our way out every single morning made me realise I have 3 pairs of leopard print shoes and all the cheap pairs. How many should you own before you say ok that's it I'm splurgin'!

In case you forgot, it's this number right here. It's one of Peter Morrissey's shoe collaboration with BigW. It was on clearance and as always the leopard print did it. I haven't had the chance to take this on an outing until today because of Simone and because why not. I think it waited enough in the dark room, it's totally ready.

I still laugh at this photo! What a sneaky little photo. I forgot my trusty camera so it has to be the iPhone but hey you can see the full outfit and the shoes and that face. In case you're wondering the lipstick used is MAC Lustering and this was a result of shopping my stash.

The chambray shirt is from ForeverNew and the Ponte Pants are from Portmans and the shoes are from Big W :)

Note to self - bring camera.

Hope you're day is going well.

Talk to you tomorrow! xx

ps. i think it's ramble kind of post tomorrow.

The one about Body Oils

09 September 2014

I'm new to this Body Oil business. I love facial oils but I haven't really ventured on to Body Oils until recently and I think I am still unsure.

I think my idea of a body oil is tainted solely because, my 14yr old self back in the olden days, did use Baby Oil to replace the usual body lotion out of curiosity because the TV ad said that your skin turns like baby's soft skin.

Fact: I did not get baby soft skin!

I got sunburnt for starters because Sun and Oil in a tropical country don't really mix in a good way. I possibly collected all the dust there is and sand, the dirty kind of sand. My clothes had oil stains on them. So in my head, body oils = greasesunburn, sticky, magnet for all kinds of dust, oily, CRAP!

I should not have used baby oil in the first place really. 

Now that I am older (but not necessarily wiser), I'm trying to redeem Body Oils in my books so I've been trying out different products here and there. So far, I have these two.

MOR Marshmallow Body Oil - this was gifted to me so I didn't have any idea what marshmallow scent would be. I expected it to be extremely sweet but to my surprise it's the opposite. The site describes the fragrance as:

Marshmallow is collectively orchestrated with Vanilla Musk and Jasmine Flower that gloriously rapture in this pretty, feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy play beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume

I wish I am as eloquent as that in describing scents or fragrances. "Collectively orchestrated" my thoughts and I still end up with a rubbish description.

On my skin the scent turns something like a baby-powderish . But I can smell vanilla and jasmine and it probably lasts a good few hours on the skin and inevitably on your clothes (scent that is).

It leaves some kind of a shiny film on skin when you first apply it giving that glow but it disappears as your skin drinks it. (Not greasy at all). I think this is more a night time product especially after a warm bath,  However, I don't feel it's moisturising enough or maybe I'm so used to body butters? Don't like the bottle packaging as it's not tiled-floor friendly. 

Sanctuary Spa 4 Day Moisture Body Oil - this was something I bought on a whim. The words "4 Day Moisture" did the enabling. I mean so 4 day moisture, how does that work? The "moisture: stays even after you shower the next day? Or is it, your skin feels soft and moisturised even after 4 days of no showering? That was what going through my head when I purchased it.

Anyway the body oil is OK, it moisturises, it's not greasy and it's light. It doesn't leave a stain on your clothes but it leaves that scent lingering. Speaking of the scent, it is something familiar. It reminds me of Dior's Poison perfume or even Thierry Mugler's Alien. The plastic bottle is a plus! I don't know if the 4 day moisture claim works because I still apply this after every shower at night. 

I think body oils are best applied at night so you wake up with skin soft the next day. At least that's the idea.

Question is would I recommend?
I am not really sure. Maybe because I am not used to Body Oils or I haven't found THE body oil?
But it's a nice addition to my night time skin care routine. I am not totally sold but it's not that bad either.

Have you tried Body Oils? What's your favourite? How often do you use it?

Again, random post.

Talk to you tomorrow! xx

The one about the Body (Creams) Cremes

08 September 2014

I am that woman who get sucked in with the signs like "new product" or "new formula" or "introductory price" or "new packaging" when it comes to body creams/butter/lotion.

Add phrases like "long-lasting moisture"or "silky-smooth" or "bathe in the creaminess" or "indulge your senses" or "pamper your skin" or "heavenly scent", etc and I am totally smitten. I will immediately need in my life. Anyone who knows me well will know my obsession on lotions and creams is on another level :)

Here are my all time favourites that I switch around. It doesn't look a lot but trust me when I say these tubs are winners in my books.

The Body Shop - Shea Body Butter (Link!)
Lush - Creme Anglaise (possibly discontinued)
Dove Purely Pampering Body Silk Lotion with Shea Butter (Link!)
The Body Shop - Moringa Body Butter (Link!)

Body Shop Body Butters - is the bomb diggity. It never disappoints. I probably tried every single flavour (scent) there is over the last 10 years and I could not say anything bad about it. It's sooooo moisturising, My skin feels like a (clean) baby's bottom the whole day. The scent is long-lasting on the skin and clothes! I love the Shea Butter during autum/winter because the scent feels warmer and richer. The Moringa scent has a special place in my heart because I wore this on my wedding day to compliment my perfume (J'Adore Lor). I love the fruity scents in summer especially Strawberry so clearly my love for the body butter goes through all the seasons.

Lush Creme Anglaise - this I think is now discontinued which sucks because this is my backup tub. I can't find it in their website at all. But anyway, just for your information, this has that baby powder smell and it's so light but oh so moisturising. I find myself sleeping better when I get in one of those sleepless nights just by having this on my skin and smelling like a baby. weird.

Dove Body Silk - is probably the nicest surprise. It's cheap but it is so heavenly on skin! The predecessors of this new formula body silk was weak and just meh, Let's say it lacked that oommph of extra moisture that you would want from a body butter type but when this came out I was immediately drawn to it and thank the heavens it wasn't rubbish at all. I actually preferred this more than my usual body butters this past winter.

Phew! what a ramble hahaha

I need to get another scent for Summer haha

Are you body butter mad like me?

Talk to you tomorrow xx

Essie Tangerine + Ramblings

05 September 2014

There's nothing like a coral nail polish to turn your Spring vibe on! Essie Tangerine is probably one of my all time favourite and its appearance on my nails usually means it's Spring. I think this shade flirts around the edges of sexy and sophistication like what a classic cool red nail polish offers but on a more fun, flirtatious and care-free sense to it.  It's not as classic as your normal red but there something to it that I can't seem to find the proper adjective to describe it hence the endless rambles.

For heaven's sake it's only a nailpolish!

Needless to say it's a fun and oh-so-loud shade but it's not over the top (imma slap you) kind or colour.

Essie in Tangerine (116)

And because it's warm and sunny today, I've de-cluttered one of my many makeup bags that goes in my purse. The amount of items usually indicates the size of the purse I'm using so don't be shocked by the minimalist feel to it.

Go on, roll your eyes! haha

Why do I bring the entire bottle of perfume with me in my tiny purse you ask? Who knows! I love taking the bottle with me.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche is one of my all time favourite. It's fresh, light and sexy all at the same time. 

How cute is my iPhone case? It's from Sussan and it's now down to AU$1.50 :) It's matches well with my nails too :)

what a ramble kind of post! Hope you have a great weekend!

Talk to you soon xx

Spring Shoes + Shirt Dress

04 September 2014

It's officially Spring!! I that feel there's always the need to have transition clothes when you're in between seasons. Yes I called it, there is the need and it doesn't really help when the shops are flooded with almost-warm-but-still-chilly kind of clothes and shoes.

I do have a list of things or shall we call it Key Pieces that I want for Spring/Summer and I found the shoes!

Brown/Tan - Check!
Zip Opening at the back! - Check! (this has become a very important criteria in choosing shoes, it has to be easy to put on and take off)
Open toes - Check!
Booties but its not really - Check!
Cut-out design - Check! Check!

This was actually inspired by TiffanyD's shoes that she got from Banana Republic called the Ivie. While I lust for her shoes day and night, I've come to a resolution that I will just find something similar and my wish came true thanks to Target clearance sale! They were on clearance from AU$40 to AU$15 some time ago so I am not really sure if they are still available so my apologies. This style of open-toe booties are good for Spring or Autumn so I'm pretty sure you'll find something similar wherever you are.

I envisioned these babies together with my favourite navy shirt dress (one of my timeless key pieces) I got from ForeverNew many moons ago and I think they look so cute together.

The photo below makes me laugh!  You can definitely see my camera remote haha but hey you can see the dress and #thatswhatmatters

Sadly when I put this outfit on the weather turned sour and the sunshine quickly disappeared and I was back in my jumper and jeans. Spring? But how cute is this number together.

I found some shirt dresses for you from ASOS that you may like - Link!

Do you go for timeless key pieces or just whatever is hot and in at the moment?

I do both but more on the timeless key pieces. The shoes is definitely a steal but one day I'll find a decent pair that I will splurge for sure. Perhaps when I know my feet is not going to grow again like it did after I had my little boy.

Hope it's sunny where you are.

Talk to you tomorrow xx

Makeup Eraser Review - #MakeupEraser

03 September 2014

Hi, Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work review post we go!

It's a review kind of post today.

I've been sent this Makeup Eraser by the lovely team at Illuminate IPL a week ago to try and see if I'll like it.

It's basically a cloth that removes your makeup with just water. It's not really a new thing but it's finally getting much more exposure thanks to local distributors and social media.

I do like the idea of just using water when removing your makeup. I have the same house rules when it comes to cleaning my home and I've purchased products to help me achieve the no chemicals for home cleaning so using the Makeup Eraser is not new to me at all. In fact, it was exciting to know that this product exists and on a much more affordable price tag.

You can see from the "how to use" steps that it's straight forward. Wash, use, wash, use cycle. Apparently it can last up to 1000 washes. I sure hope so.

The cloth itself have longer nap (for exfoliating) on one side and shorter nap (for removing makeup) on the other.

What you need to know:

1. The cloth is (surprisingly) super soft and I really mean extremely s.o.f.t. You can imagine me screaming in the bathroom "it's soooo soft" like Agnes in Despicable me. 

2. It's like a much finer and much much softer micro-fibre cloth. It's very light weight too (wet or dry).

3. It removes ALL of your makeup including waterproof mascara.

4. It washes really well and it looks good as new the next time you use it.

What I really think about it:

I think it's a nifty beauty item. It's effective. It does what its meant to do. It's affordable compared to the other similar products. 

You can see yourself saving money in the long run because you don't have to buy any cleansers or facial wipes. 

Personally, I only use this to remove my makeup at night but still follow up with my Clarisonic to exfoliate but that's personal preference. This Makeup Eraser is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. and heaven sent on nights when I am completely knackered and just couldn't be bothered doing the whole face routine. It's easy and simple and I am done and ready for bed in a flash - ok not in a flash but in the shortest possible time. I did a personal record the other day - done and ready for bed in 5 minutes!! (This is one of those knackered days of course).

Fact: you'd be laughing if I tell you my night time routine when it comes to skin care.

Would I recommend it?
Absolutely especially if you're in the hunt for a chemical-free cleansing face product. 
You don't really need  it but it makes a difference if you have it.

Where can you get it and How much ?
Illuminate IPL is a local distributor here in Perth, Westerna Australia. You can contact them via their Facebook page or via email - or even via mobile - +61 481458647.

It's AU$24.95 each.
Local Pickup in Woodvale is available you'll just need to message them.

Shipping cost within Australia is AU$4.95

International Shipping cost is available upon request as the prices varies from country to country.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Tomorrow is all about shoes. Promise.

Thank you Illuminate IPL for giving me the chance to try this product.

PS. if you're in the hunt for some eyelash extensions, Illuminate IPL does amazing eyelash extensions too! I've used it for my wedding and my eyes looked extra amazing (coz they already are hahaha)*wink*

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

MAC Vegas Volt

02 September 2014

Shopping the stash was the name of the game today. I had the urge to swatch what MAC lipsticks I still own and to my delight I got reminded of this beautiful amplified shade called MAC Vegas Volt.

As you all know, amplified is probably one of my favourite finishes, it's intense and vibrant. This particular shade warms up your complexion instantly. I wore this to work and I felt I need to be at the beach instead or in a remote island resort sipping come cocktails.

I think it is the perfect balance of orange and coral tipping on the warmer side of the scale. It's what you need to amplify a tan or just give you the illusion of a sunkissed look without being sunkissed

I would gladly repurchase this, I just hope this doesn't get discontinued. 

Fact: This is part of the list of what you can get when you do Back-to-MAC. Australia's got a weird rule where you can only choose the free lipstick from "their" list and you can only exchange it for a lipstick. Sad but true

what is your favourite amplified shade?

talk to you tomorrow. Maybe we can talk about shoes ;-) xx 

#MiracleMani Part 2 - Shock Wave

01 September 2014

It's inevitable that I had to get another shade from the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - this time I went for bright barbie pink.

It's a shade that I won't feel comfortable wearing at work so it was a weekend nails kind of thing. I do like the fun vibe to it but I found myself removing this on sunday night and went back to my current nude favourite. 

I think I should embrace fun and quirky shades and bring some colour at work but I still find myself retreating to my comfort zone but maybe you're in the hunt for some true barbie shade then this is for you.

This made my hands look extreme tan.

Weekend is when my nails become sasha fierce.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Speak soon xx