Window Shopping #2 - Sussan

08 August 2014

Another me time, another outfit dream board. I'm enjoying writing up this kind of posts so I hope you don't mind the rambling.

Today's featured shop is Sussan

This shop has been hit and miss for me. You need to go through the store and not judge whatever is on their mannequins but needless to say, this is shop is age appropriate for me and their recent pieces are now on my outfit dream board.

Top Row (L - R)
Two Tone Statement Necklace - this on a simple white tee. Enough said.

Stripe Pleated Skirt - Pleated stripe skirts are tricky to wear, it can make you or break you. In my case, break me because the pleats usually is unflattering but I like to hope that there will be a pleated skirt that becomes the exception to the rule. Love the length, it's decent especially if you have a kid in tow. You want that casual sophistication and I think midi-length skirts/dresses do the job. I need to try to this on.

The Paris Tee - I am a sucker for this kind of shirt. Grey and baggy = Love. In my head it's already sold and I need it in my life. It's perfect on skirts (tucked in or out), perfect on shorts or skinny jeans or even leggings. The length is like I am a mid-riff but not really. The words - J'adore Paris - is enough for me. I do own another similar shirt from Miss Shop but only has "paris" on it and it's no where near hip as this shirt so that's I why I really want it.

Middle Row (L - R)
Citrus Floral Statement Necklace - One word, chartruese.

Pleated Skirt -  Love how it is in one colour and plain. I saw this on one of the ladies working in the shop and I started girl crushing on her. This is a very similar skirt my mum used to wear and she wore it with just a casual cami top and this was in the early 80s. Man, I wish she kept it and gave it to me. I want this skirt!

Sheer Panel Woven Tee - what's not to love? White - check! some kind of sheer material - Check! Sheer Sleeves - Check! I mean check, check, check! I imagine wearing this with my boyfriend jeans and my sparkly flats and some dainty necklaces combo.

Bottom Row (L - R)
Full Circle Skirt - this and the J'adore paris top = a hip me! I love this skirt but I keep on thinking where will I wear it? will it be easy to wipe off food stains from a toddler? Is it borderline SNM? I mean what, is it warm? will it be flattering? All these questions and still my mind tells me "take her home". Am I hip enough to pull this outfit? Maybe. I still want it.

Collarless Stripe Shirt - do I really need to justify this to myself? ah no. It's stripes. My wardrobe has all the variation of stripes you can imagine so adding one more piece is not a crime right? This top and skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and nice red flat shoes!

Denim Walking Shorts - this is definitely a mummy length but much more fitted and flattering and I think that's why I am feeling this shorts. Love that it's highrise too - meaning it can hold everything in. I wonder if it's very stretchy?

Unfortunately none of these items went into a basket or anything. It is still just a part of a dream board for now. If ever I'm gonna get one item, it will be the Sheer Panel Woven Tee.

Hope this wasn't too much of a ramble :)

Speak later!

Have a great weekend xx

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