Window Shopping #1 - ASOS

07 August 2014

This is going to be a new series in the blog since it's pretty much what I do when I'm having my me time. I am not sure if it's just me but I find it calming when I browse through ASOS. I do the usual save for later, obsess about it, sleep on it then obsess about it some more.

As of lately, here's what's on my save for later. Let's discuss.

Top Row (L - R)
ASOS Long Sleeve Top with Curved Hem in Rib - I am thinking spring when I see this. Love the idea of long sleeves so it can be worn at night too. I am sold on colour if I am being honest, I love the idea of a soft-blush-pastel pink, pair it with a really dark wash skinny jeans and ankle boots or a nice pair of heels or flats.

ASOS Fools Rush In Leather Flat Sandals - it looks fugly on the photo but this looks so comfy. I see a lot of this style in shops like Myer and DJ and I know I will get this eventually haha It comes in baby pink and baby blue but I think I'd go for white if ever I buy it. I actually remember owning a similar pair when I was in primary school and that's like in the 80s! 

New Look Leopard Print Collar Sleeveless Swing Dress - There's a lot about this dress that I love; the collar, love peter pan collars and a leopard print is winning; the swing shape is flattering on my body and I personally think it's the easiest to dress up or down; black - you can't go wrong. 

Middle Row (L - R)
ASOS Chunky Cat Eye Sunglasses - I love Cat Eye sunnies. Period.

ASOS Cross Body Bag with Snake Embossed Lock - Spring! Spring! Spring! I think this colour is just a must for spring. How many times are you gonna read spring in this post? Lots!

ASOS Spring Break Pointed Heels - Ah my love for the ASOS Spring Break range is endless. So far I own Black and Silver and they are the comfiest high heels I own and this Bright Orange is calling me mummy too. So we'll see. pssst it comes in yellow too!

Bottom Row (L - R)
ASOS Block Animal Scarf - there's something about this scarf... yeah.. what's the word... Spring!

ASOS Longline V Neck Cami Top  - ahh the simplicity of this top makes me giddy with glee I actually added this to my basket already ;-)

ASOS Sleeveless Skater Dress with Sweetheart neckline - ah the dress that I have been ogling for days. A perfect dress to go out on a date with the husband me thinks and like the cami top, it has been added to my basket already. I just hope it's not too short.

So out of 9, 2 are soon to be at my doorstep!!

Hope this wasn't much of a ramble!

See you tomorrow xx

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