Vivid Rose

18 August 2014

Breakfast and another sunny winter's day calls out for one of the prettiest pink lipstick I own. And I really mean Bright.Pink!

It's one of Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids in shade Vivid Rose. Since Priceline is still having their 50% off on all Maybelline products, maybe I can enable you to get this lipstick because it is truly the prettiest bright pink!

I do love Maybelline lipsticks. I love the scent and the creaminess of it. I love how it's non-drying too. If I am being honest, I do prefer this over MAC lipsticks. It's pocket friendly but the colour payoff is just a vibrant as your typical MAC lipsticks.

These were the shizz that were piled on my face for our breakfast catchups.

Can you see my lashes? They are finally growing out and I can apply mascara now and not get the panda eyes. I am still wondering if I should go for eyelash extensions in the future. #decisionsdecisions.

Hope it's sunny and warm where you are!

See you tomorrow xx

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