The Wedding Lipstick

25 August 2014

We finally received our wedding photos and I felt the need to use the lipstick I wore to my wedding.

Meet Bobbi Brown's lipstick in Tulle.

Things you need to know:

- Bobbi Brown lipsticks are a treat to your lips

- Definitely a high-end brand lipstick that is worth every penny.

- Creamy and moisturising to the lips.

- It's long lasting and the pigmentation is amazing.

- It has vanilla-esque scent very similar to the MAC lipsticks

- This is one of Katie Holmes' favourite shades. In fact, she was the very reason why I bought this lipstick a few years back. One of her promo ad featured this lipstick on her it was just the prettiest nude-pink ever. It complimented her Olive skin and I told myself I have to have it. 

- This is my second tube. That's how much I love this shade. I can see myself repurchasing it once I finished it. 

Fact: this is probably the only lipstick that I had to scrape the last bits out until I decided it's time for a new tube. So much love for it.

Do you have a favourite lipstick that you just can't live without?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

See you tomorrow! xx

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