The Nina Proudman in me

20 August 2014

The Nina Proudman reference is probably too aussie so for my non-aussie readers, here's the deal, Nina Proudman is a character in a famous show here in the land down under called Offspring. Trust me it's the funniest show ever. Think Ally McBeal and Bridget Jones combined. Nina has a bohemian/quirky fashion style. She's famous for wearing the prettiest maxi-dresses or skirts paired with a cropped jacket and pair of boots. Here's some ideas of what I'm talking about - Link!

I called my inner Nina Proudman today as a result of a no-ironing-gig = no (usual) work clothes and the only cleaned work trousers for work were covered in what seems to be banana and yoghurt #mummyproblems

So remember that maxi dress I so loved? Here it is again. Notice the layers after layers of clothing, it was a chilly day.

Dress: Faithfull the Brand (old)
Leather Jacket: Sportsgirl (old)
Scarf: Kenza Threads (Link!)
Bag: Mimco
Boots: Urban Soul (Old)

So, I guess I must really iron now. 

I really hate ironing. 

Talk to you tomorrow xx

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