That Maxi Dress from Faithfull the Brand and new shoes!

17 August 2014

Another sunny winter's day and it was given that my favourite maxi dress is going to come out and play.

Excuse the weird posing as I was overly conscious from innocent kids staring at me. I am not entirely sure what's with the hands on waist combo either. Luckily, the designated photographer - aka the husband - is always game and determined to keep the client/model  (me) happy.
How funny do my feet look? as if they naturally the other way around.

Denim Jacket: Witchery (very Old) - clearly 2 sizes small but whatevs
Maxi Dress: Faithfull the Brand (Old)
Sandals: no-name, bought in a tiny store in Hillary's Boat Harbour.
Belt: Zara (Old)

The Ramble:

This has been one of the many best act of consumerisms I've done and my love for the dress is endless. The dress is made by Faithfull the Brand. I've seen this dress last year in Dissh over at Brisbane and fell in love with it immediately. They have the girliest kind of dress, very flirty. There's always a discreet cut/hole/slit in their dresses that exposes some skin and adds some unspoken flirtiness to it but not tacky. The funny thing is you either, as an onlooker, notice and say hey, that dress has a nice back detail or oh la la, no bra!

There is a big keyhole at the back of this dress that exposes any undergarments you are wearing (or your bare skin should you indulge to some bra-less fashion statement). Although, my bra-less days have come and gone, it sure didn't stop me from making the purchase. There's something equally (or more) sexy to wearing a nice pair of lacy bra over not wearing any at all but that's just me.

Let's talk about the shoes. These are New!! Found it in one of those tiny surfing and beach clothes kind of shops in Hillary's Boat Harbour. No-name brand but it's so comfy and pretty! What sold me most is that I can easily put this on without having to fasten something up. #firstworldproblems

And did I mention, the dress is definitely toddler-friendly that's why I love it so much. It's long enough to class it as a maxy dress but not long enough that it's a drag. Plus it makes a giant dribble bib or something to wipe food off.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Talk to you tomorrow xx


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