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04 August 2014

This is what normally goes on to my face on a work day. The only thing that is not on the photo is a lip product which normally the last thing I decide on but this has been the lot for that past month. I could easily say these are my July Favourites too, makeup wise.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 - the first and probably my favourite naked palette. you can probably tell by the state of the packaging. It's all intact though and no eyeshadow is harmed.

Cargo Beach Blusher (Sunset Beach) - hands-down, my all time favourite blush/highlight combo. I got this because of Jennifer Aniston. I read somewhere that she loves this blush and obviously that's enough for me to go get it. This blush has been with me since 2009 and it still going strong and I'm very pleased and happy to report that they haven't discontinued the colour yet after all Aniston loves it.

MUFE HD Foundation - a favourite for many years now. My only issue with this is my colour match, I can't seem to get the right one. What I'm currently using (Shade 128) only works on my skin in the winter months. So it has become the designated winter foundation. I do love how it photographs though so I really need to up my game and get colour matched properly when I am in a Sephora. (Note to self: I need a holiday to a Sephora!).

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (Medium) - still the best under eye concealer in my books. I tend to venture on different brands but come back to this tube of goodness and I really haven't found any that I love as much I love this.

MAC Blush (Dollymix) - this was my second MAC purchase of all time and it still going strong and the colour payoff hasn't changed at all. This is my winter blush as it leaves a soft pink flush on my skin which is weird because as you can see on the pan, it is bright pink. I have to say I do a light-hand sweep kind of action when I'm trying to get the product out. I'm sure if I go cray-cray then I will get that clown look. This blush and the Cargo Sundset Beach are match made in heaven.

Rimmel Professional Brow (Hazel) - you all know my love for this pencil. I'll stop there.

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Engraved) - blackest black that doesn't run or smudge, that's how I'm gonna describe it. It been my long time favourite and just recently I found it hidden in one of my unused makeup bags! happy days! It's like finding a crumpled money in your newly washed jeans.

A sneaky little selfie right there for you after I've decided on what lipstick to use. I went for L'Oreal Velvet Rose as featured in this post.

Hope Monday was kind to you!

See you tomorrow xx

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