"Because I do not have enough blushes in my drawer"

19 August 2014

Yes! that's what I told myself when I added this blush palette in my online basket.

From memory, this was purchased during the Blackfriday / Cyber Monday shopping cray-cray in US so really this has been with me for more than 6 months and I just didn't do the right thing of telling straight-away you about it in case you know, you also don't have enough blushes in your drawer.

Clearly I don't need any more blushes. But I really wanted this palette. It looks like candies and I am like a kid in a candy store when I received this many moons ago.

So let's talk about it, shall we?

- there are no unique shades in this palette, each and every colour is a dupe of the more expensive MAC blushes. But in saying that, I don't own any duplicate shade.

- the colour pay off differs from one blush to the other. Some of the colours are intense and some are meh. However, I think the meh ones are the ones too light for my skintone. For instance, the matte brown next to the bright pink is a perfect match for my skin if I use it as a face powder / setting powder.

- 9 of the blushes are matte and only one has a slight shimmer to it. I think it's meant to be some form of highlight but not the shiny/glow kind. I love matte blushes because it gives me the liberty to go nuts on highlighters if I am up for it.

- this Palette is US$8.00 + shipping. I think that's a great bargain right there. They do ship to Australia and I remember correctly, it came to my mailbox too fast too soon (less than 2 weeks).

Overall, it's a decent product. It's not a holygrail per se but it is a pretty palette and for the price of I think it's not that bad at all. I think if you have a kit and you're learning Makeup artistry, either on your own (ie, while watching YouTube like me) or through a credited institution, this palette is a great practise kit for you. It has all the possible colour that you can play with without forking out that much mullah.

I personally love all the darker shades in this palette and the bright pink and the pinky-coral my two favourite shades :)

Do you need more blushes?

Talk to you tomorrow xx

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