another day, another gel...

27 August 2014

...polish that is.

Meet my new love - Maybelline Super Stay 7 days Gel Polish - shade in Rose Poudre.

It's no secret that I love nude-ish shade polish. I think it's easy and safe (boring) and as always work-friendly. I do like the splash of colour here and there but on a usual business day, it all about the nude, mauve and taupe.

Let's discuss :)

- Maybelline, well who would have thought?
- I love the flat brush that it has. I'm pleased that they actually joined the bandwagon on the flat brushes
- Dries quickly
- Finishes off really shiny (as if you had your nails done in a salon)
- I'd say it lasted (maybe) 4 days looking fresh but after that it just started to chip off but not as much as I expected. I can get away keeping it on my nails for 7 days and it won't bother me and by that I mean- be able to look at it - chipped edge and all and not cringe.
- Cheap as chips

I wish Maybelline creates a lipstick in this shade then it will be all perfect.

I want to get more shades!

Ok tomorrow I'll do a tag post that I've been working on for days. Watch this space.

See you tomorrow! xx

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