NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

29 August 2014

My first ever matte lip cream and it didn't disappoint. I have always been impressed by NYX since I started this beauty craziness some 7 years ago.

Fact: I used to have a YT channel that I started in 2007 but decided Blogging was best for me. I may return into Vlogging one day ;-)

I've been tossing between NYX or Bourjois Matte lip creams. I nearly bought the Bourjois but I was never sure about the shades. It was felt like Bourjois range was a variation of reds and I do love my pinks. I didn't want to settle for anything just so I can own a lip cream. Oh geez, When and How did I grow up so suddenly?

Meet my new love. NXY Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo.

What you need to know:

- It's a creamy matte
- It's feels like butter when applied
- It has that amazing scent - like Creme Brulee or something - it's really really nice. One of my favourite things about the range.
- It's matte but it doesn't dry the lips. However I have to be honest, it looks dry but trust me on this one, it is nourishing on the lips.
- this particular shade is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I am absolutely inlove with it.
- it stains the lips so you will have some sort of tint even after copious amount of food and drink consumed.
- it does transfer so watch out for kiss marks.
- cheap as chips!
- Target Australia carries this range

I literally put this on as soon as I got home and started taking photos for the blog. I love it that much. Excuse the mess I call hair. The toddler's new obsession is messing the hair in every possible way.

I feel like buying another tube so just I won't run out. ever.

You seriously need to try this! You must then thank me later.

Have a great weekend xx

Talk to you all soon.

The Lip Product Tag

28 August 2014

I read Laura's post (BuynowBloglater) last week and I immediately added it to my "To Be Blogged" list. She tagged everyone, so here it is.

I pretend I'm close to Laura or we're BFFs hence the firstname basis. #creepymuch

Lipticks!! It's what it looks like. Ok it is what it looks like. These are just some of my lipsticks that I keep in my vanity. I open my drawer and I admire them on a daily basis. I enjoy buying them, I love wearing them, I enjoy reading about them on blogs and I love talking about them. I just do.

Here we go:

Favourite Balm or Treatment

I love Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment. It's the one thing I make sure I have a back up of whenever I find myself in a Sephora. I need a holiday. I love how it smells of lemon when you apply it and it does wonders to my lips :)

Best Eye Catching Red/Bright

I love bright lipsticks and I love them all so I can't really choose one, it feels like choosing favourites among your children. So I'll do reds.
MAC Russian Red is my all time favourite Red until I met Covergirl's Hot Passion (The Taylor Swift Red) and I never looked back. It's vibrant and it has that touch of warmth even though it's a cool red.

Favourite Pink Lipstick

Houston we have a problem! I can't just choose one. I really can't. So excuse the list:

MAC Creme Cup, Bobbi Brown Tulle, Rimmel London 07, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon, Revlon Pink Velvet, Covergirl Warm Me Up, Covergirl Heavenly, MAC Angel, Estee Lauder Crystal Baby, MAC, YSL Rouge Volupte 02, MAC Nude Rose, L'oreal Velvet Rose

Favourite Nude Lipstick

I've got 3 that I love so dearly and I have backup tubes in case they discontinue it.
MAC Hug Me, MAC Cherish and L'oreal Forever Frappe.

Best Luxury Lipstick

Hands down - YSL Rouge Volupte 2. In fact the range itself is the best luxury lipsticks. It's like butter and lightweight and I just can't get enough of it. The packaging is heavenly too!

Best MAC Lipstick

hhmmm how to answer this question. My most loved MAC lipstick is Creme Cup (Cremesheen). So yeah, that's my answer.

Favourite Gloss

Hands Down - MAC Love Nectar! I mean JLo loves it so who are we to oppose that? I love it I am on my 3rd tube.

Favourite Spring/Summer Shade

Ohhh this is my favourite season. I love transitioning to Brights.
Any of the Maybelline Vivids are obvious winners especially Vivid Rose or MAC Girl about Town or MAC Vegas Bolt (Amplified).

Favourite Autumn/Winter Shade

Chi Chi Matte Lipstick in Turn Me On and MAC Rebel.

Lip Liner, yes or no?

Only when I am wearing Red lipstick or a wine/aubergine shade.

Phew! hahaha what a long post. If you finish reading this then Thank you kindly! I tag you too!

Talk you tomorrow! xx

another day, another gel...

27 August 2014

...polish that is.

Meet my new love - Maybelline Super Stay 7 days Gel Polish - shade in Rose Poudre.

It's no secret that I love nude-ish shade polish. I think it's easy and safe (boring) and as always work-friendly. I do like the splash of colour here and there but on a usual business day, it all about the nude, mauve and taupe.

Let's discuss :)

- Maybelline, well who would have thought?
- I love the flat brush that it has. I'm pleased that they actually joined the bandwagon on the flat brushes
- Dries quickly
- Finishes off really shiny (as if you had your nails done in a salon)
- I'd say it lasted (maybe) 4 days looking fresh but after that it just started to chip off but not as much as I expected. I can get away keeping it on my nails for 7 days and it won't bother me and by that I mean- be able to look at it - chipped edge and all and not cringe.
- Cheap as chips

I wish Maybelline creates a lipstick in this shade then it will be all perfect.

I want to get more shades!

Ok tomorrow I'll do a tag post that I've been working on for days. Watch this space.

See you tomorrow! xx

Day time to Night time

26 August 2014

Today, I challenged myself to change my day time makeup to night time and here's what I came up with.

It was such a fun thing to do and I think I am gonna do it again one day.

Day Time

These are the products used, well some of them.

Rimmel Brow Professional (Hazel)

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (Medium)

Urban Decay Naked Skin HD Foundation (7.0)

Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Naked (Blush, Highlight, Bronzer)

MAC Tempting Quad (this is very limited edition, circa 2007) - I only used the Tempting eyeshadow, the shiny golden shade on it's own.

Covergirl LashBlast Volume (not in the photo as it was hidden by 
some baby).

Maybelline Color Sensation in Warm Up (again not in photo as a baby has hidden it and I am yet to find it).

This is what I wore to work. I didn't even wear mascara or eyeliner because that's how I roll. (wink)

Night Time

The idea was to transition from day time look to night time with no or less makeup items added to the list of things that you put on your face. At least that was the idea.

I only added 2 items, I changed my lipstick and also used a black eyeliner.

Maybelline Bold Matte in Nude - this nude shade is really nude. You don't mess with it. It's best paired with bold eye makeup or really smokey eyes. I strongly recommend this shade if you're after a nude shade. It's a warm nude with a slight hint of pink to it.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Zero - blackest and creamiest eye pencil. This stays on your waterline like no other.

And Voila! How pretty is that nude shade?!! I am considering getting some of the other shades in the Bold Matte range but they are too bright and intense so maybe no. 

I seriously enjoyed doing this post. It makes me think I have so much free time but I really don't haha But I did have 30min in the morning and 30min in the evening and this was enough to create each of the look. 

Have you done this before?

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Talk to you tomorrow! xx

The Wedding Lipstick

25 August 2014

We finally received our wedding photos and I felt the need to use the lipstick I wore to my wedding.

Meet Bobbi Brown's lipstick in Tulle.

Things you need to know:

- Bobbi Brown lipsticks are a treat to your lips

- Definitely a high-end brand lipstick that is worth every penny.

- Creamy and moisturising to the lips.

- It's long lasting and the pigmentation is amazing.

- It has vanilla-esque scent very similar to the MAC lipsticks

- This is one of Katie Holmes' favourite shades. In fact, she was the very reason why I bought this lipstick a few years back. One of her promo ad featured this lipstick on her it was just the prettiest nude-pink ever. It complimented her Olive skin and I told myself I have to have it. 

- This is my second tube. That's how much I love this shade. I can see myself repurchasing it once I finished it. 

Fact: this is probably the only lipstick that I had to scrape the last bits out until I decided it's time for a new tube. So much love for it.

Do you have a favourite lipstick that you just can't live without?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

See you tomorrow! xx

"No Makeup" Makeup Look

22 August 2014

As much as I love makeup and everything about it, my favourite look will always be the "No Makeup" makeup look.

In most cases the no makeup look has more products put on your face than the normal makeup look but I try not to pile up shizz on my face so it looks more authentic. I have to say that my skin in winter is less problematic so the "no makeup" look is easier to achieve.

Bobbi Brown BB Creme SPF 35 - hands down, the best BB creme my face has ever met. Definitely repurchasing this in Summer :)

Benefit Browzings - this thing will stay on your eyebrows until you remove it. You can define your brows or just shade it to your liking.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer - my love for this concealer is big and I just hope they will never ever discontinue the range.

NYX Blush (Pinched) - affordable and pigmented, what else can you ask for?

bareMinerals Mineral Veil - I use this to set the under eye concealer

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume - my lashes are married to this tube, forever and ever.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick (Tulle) - this was the lipstick I wore at my wedding :)

And that's it, that's all what's on my face :) I'm still inlove with my Ombre'd hair!

Jumper was from Portmans and I'm pretty sure you can't find it in their Outlet stores everywhere. They should really have online shopping for their Outlet range :)

Have a great weekend!

See you tomorrow :)

The Nina Proudman in me

20 August 2014

The Nina Proudman reference is probably too aussie so for my non-aussie readers, here's the deal, Nina Proudman is a character in a famous show here in the land down under called Offspring. Trust me it's the funniest show ever. Think Ally McBeal and Bridget Jones combined. Nina has a bohemian/quirky fashion style. She's famous for wearing the prettiest maxi-dresses or skirts paired with a cropped jacket and pair of boots. Here's some ideas of what I'm talking about - Link!

I called my inner Nina Proudman today as a result of a no-ironing-gig = no (usual) work clothes and the only cleaned work trousers for work were covered in what seems to be banana and yoghurt #mummyproblems

So remember that maxi dress I so loved? Here it is again. Notice the layers after layers of clothing, it was a chilly day.

Dress: Faithfull the Brand (old)
Leather Jacket: Sportsgirl (old)
Scarf: Kenza Threads (Link!)
Bag: Mimco
Boots: Urban Soul (Old)

So, I guess I must really iron now. 

I really hate ironing. 

Talk to you tomorrow xx

"Because I do not have enough blushes in my drawer"

19 August 2014

Yes! that's what I told myself when I added this blush palette in my online basket.

From memory, this was purchased during the Blackfriday / Cyber Monday shopping cray-cray in US so really this has been with me for more than 6 months and I just didn't do the right thing of telling straight-away you about it in case you know, you also don't have enough blushes in your drawer.

Clearly I don't need any more blushes. But I really wanted this palette. It looks like candies and I am like a kid in a candy store when I received this many moons ago.

So let's talk about it, shall we?

- there are no unique shades in this palette, each and every colour is a dupe of the more expensive MAC blushes. But in saying that, I don't own any duplicate shade.

- the colour pay off differs from one blush to the other. Some of the colours are intense and some are meh. However, I think the meh ones are the ones too light for my skintone. For instance, the matte brown next to the bright pink is a perfect match for my skin if I use it as a face powder / setting powder.

- 9 of the blushes are matte and only one has a slight shimmer to it. I think it's meant to be some form of highlight but not the shiny/glow kind. I love matte blushes because it gives me the liberty to go nuts on highlighters if I am up for it.

- this Palette is US$8.00 + shipping. I think that's a great bargain right there. They do ship to Australia and I remember correctly, it came to my mailbox too fast too soon (less than 2 weeks).

Overall, it's a decent product. It's not a holygrail per se but it is a pretty palette and for the price of I think it's not that bad at all. I think if you have a kit and you're learning Makeup artistry, either on your own (ie, while watching YouTube like me) or through a credited institution, this palette is a great practise kit for you. It has all the possible colour that you can play with without forking out that much mullah.

I personally love all the darker shades in this palette and the bright pink and the pinky-coral my two favourite shades :)

Do you need more blushes?

Talk to you tomorrow xx

Vivid Rose

18 August 2014

Breakfast and another sunny winter's day calls out for one of the prettiest pink lipstick I own. And I really mean Bright.Pink!

It's one of Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids in shade Vivid Rose. Since Priceline is still having their 50% off on all Maybelline products, maybe I can enable you to get this lipstick because it is truly the prettiest bright pink!

I do love Maybelline lipsticks. I love the scent and the creaminess of it. I love how it's non-drying too. If I am being honest, I do prefer this over MAC lipsticks. It's pocket friendly but the colour payoff is just a vibrant as your typical MAC lipsticks.

These were the shizz that were piled on my face for our breakfast catchups.

Can you see my lashes? They are finally growing out and I can apply mascara now and not get the panda eyes. I am still wondering if I should go for eyelash extensions in the future. #decisionsdecisions.

Hope it's sunny and warm where you are!

See you tomorrow xx

That Maxi Dress from Faithfull the Brand and new shoes!

17 August 2014

Another sunny winter's day and it was given that my favourite maxi dress is going to come out and play.

Excuse the weird posing as I was overly conscious from innocent kids staring at me. I am not entirely sure what's with the hands on waist combo either. Luckily, the designated photographer - aka the husband - is always game and determined to keep the client/model  (me) happy.
How funny do my feet look? as if they naturally the other way around.

Denim Jacket: Witchery (very Old) - clearly 2 sizes small but whatevs
Maxi Dress: Faithfull the Brand (Old)
Sandals: no-name, bought in a tiny store in Hillary's Boat Harbour.
Belt: Zara (Old)

The Ramble:

This has been one of the many best act of consumerisms I've done and my love for the dress is endless. The dress is made by Faithfull the Brand. I've seen this dress last year in Dissh over at Brisbane and fell in love with it immediately. They have the girliest kind of dress, very flirty. There's always a discreet cut/hole/slit in their dresses that exposes some skin and adds some unspoken flirtiness to it but not tacky. The funny thing is you either, as an onlooker, notice and say hey, that dress has a nice back detail or oh la la, no bra!

There is a big keyhole at the back of this dress that exposes any undergarments you are wearing (or your bare skin should you indulge to some bra-less fashion statement). Although, my bra-less days have come and gone, it sure didn't stop me from making the purchase. There's something equally (or more) sexy to wearing a nice pair of lacy bra over not wearing any at all but that's just me.

Let's talk about the shoes. These are New!! Found it in one of those tiny surfing and beach clothes kind of shops in Hillary's Boat Harbour. No-name brand but it's so comfy and pretty! What sold me most is that I can easily put this on without having to fasten something up. #firstworldproblems

And did I mention, the dress is definitely toddler-friendly that's why I love it so much. It's long enough to class it as a maxy dress but not long enough that it's a drag. Plus it makes a giant dribble bib or something to wipe food off.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Talk to you tomorrow xx

Mini-Haul #Maybelline and #Australis (and ramble)

16 August 2014

Another sale at Priceline = another mini haul. Maybelline is currently 50% everything! I got there with 3 things in my list that I wanted to try:

 Super Stay Better Skin Foundation - no matching shade. Surprisingly the shades are more on the rosy undertones and I need yellow. So I passed on that.

 Colour Sensational Bold Matte - the shade I wanted - Nude - is gone. Finished. Soldout. I could not bring myself to get any of the brighter ones.

 Colour Elixir by Colour Sensational - ah yes, finally something that I was able to grab!

And as you can see on the photo below, I did get a few other things, Maybelline's Super Stay 7 days Gel Nail Colour and my long time favourite, the Australis Eyeshadow primer.

Maybelline Colour Elixir  - Rose Redefined (096)
Maybelline SuperStay 7 Days Gel Colour - Base Transparent (25) & Rose Poudre (130)
Australis Eyeshadow Primer

I haven't tried the nail polishes just yet at that requires a total alone me time and not just the-baby-is-asleep kind of me time so watch this space for a future blog post.

While the primer is a repurchase. My feelings for it has not changed. It's local and very affordable and it does the job. It's not as long-wearing like the Urban Decay Primer Potion but hey I don't need makeup on my face for more than 12hrs.

and finally let's talk about the lip gloss. Smitten. I am smitten by this. It is very shiny (tiny hands always want to touch it kind of shiny) or glossy if you wish to be technical. 

I love this gloss and how it makes my lips look plumped and healthy. And as always I gravitated to the closest shade to my lips. It's very spring and fresh. It has a particular scent though so if you're sensitive to scents then you may steer away from this one. I find it when I used it for the first time, as in when I open the tube, the scent was too strong. It smelled very similar to the perfume Alien by Thiery Mugler. No kidding. But now it's just normal vanilla-esque kind of scent with just a hint of Alien to it.

I am really surprised how long it stays glossy on the lips so definitely some money well spent right there. I can see this to be the lip product of choice for the coming weeks.

It's sunny and warm and it still winter! I think Australia definitely got the best weather of all time. Hands.down.

Hope it's lovely and warm where you are :)

Have a great weekend!

The Cami top

15 August 2014

The Cami top that seems to have a lot of boobage area exposed, even on the sides! (ASOS Longline V Neck Cami top)

I think I got a size too big but I didn't really think it's going to be this big.

Fact: I'm still keeping it.

What you need to know:
  • Lightweight - so perfect for humid /muggy days like today and of course summer
  • Can be worn on its own or under a nice blazer/jacket/cardigan
  • Buy one size down if you want a "snuggier" fit
  • Buy in your usual size if you want it looser. 
  • It does show a lot of cleavage area front and sides so if you're not comfortable, buy one size down or make that two sizes down.
It's definitely a kind of top that requires a nice pair of bra so in case some peekaboo happens then the bra is decent enough. 

Next time I think I'll get navy blue or black.

Here's the full OOTD :) Let's thank the amazing cousin for being the photographer for today's photos :) I'm getting the hang of posing for this kind of posts. The parka I wore is from Katies and it's really old.

Sharing the love for the ankle boots. This is the Riptide Neutrals from I Love Billy

The ankle boots that I want to get in every possible colour that they have. It's the comfiest ever and did I mention it's kid friendly and by that I mean, I put this on and we're outta door. No traps nor zips. That's now my rule when buying shoes, it has to be the easiest to put on (or take off) but not necessarily fugly. You know what I mean.

And ah yeah Ben & Jerry. enough said.

It was a really nice day out with the kids in the sand playing and ice creams for mums.

Hope you had a lovely day too!

See you tomorrow! xx

Lose your Lingerie....

14 August 2014

....is the next nail polish I got from the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel London. Love the name and LOVE the colour.

It's a true baby pink or pastel pink almost milky white but with a subtle "pearlescent" to it. But it's not really noticeable (thank goodness!) because I would have returned it returned it straight-away. One of my nail polish pet peeve is the pearlescent finish. *cue pyscho music*

I'm starting to love the 60seconds range from Rimmel, they last longer on your nails before it starts chipping off the sides and they are very affordable and the brush.. did I mention the flat brush?

Let's thank the husband for this tiny surprise when all I've asked him to get was a baby panadol.

See you tomorrow xxx

Sunny Weekend + Boyfriend (jeans) + SJP

11 August 2014

We were blessed with a (very) sunny winter's weekend..both days! It's still winter but it sure did feel like spring sans the hay fever. What best way to spend a sunny weekend? A family day out.

I got the boyfriend jeans out of my "spring/summer" drawer and paired it with my favourite basic navy T-shirt. I also decided to be brave enough to wear my strappy sandals but got my ankle boots in standby in case Mr Sun decides it's time to go.

The inspiration behind the little ensemble is Sarah Jessica Parker. I had this picture saved on my desktop as part of my outfit dream board. I think it's easy and still looks like you've put an effort to what you're gonna wear but still no fuss and kid-friendly all together.

Fact: I love SJP. Period.

Boyfriend Jeans: Miss Shop (old) - 
but I found the new style from same brand - Link!
Top: Portmans (Old)
Shoes: Kmart
Bag & Watch: Mimco
Sunnies: MinkPink (Old)
Animal Print Belt: Witchery (Old)

This basic T-shirt from Portmans is a dream to wear. They do make nice basic tops. It drops nicely and forms that flattering ruffles if you do the half-tucked in business. The belt was just my quirky way of adding something interesting in what seems to be a boring casual outfit. I think an animal print item in your wardrobe is a must, a classic piece that is timeless and always fun.

Now let's talk about the watch. If you know me well, then this is no surprise, I love big watches. And recently I've been crushing on coloured dial watches and have been eyeing the pink-dial MK watch but it's been so elusive so I'm glad and equally surprised when I found this on Mimco's online shop and it was immediately added to my birthday wishlist which then the husband happily purchased for moi and since then it hasn't left my arm. The only thing I wish it has on the dial is the date window.

Fact: I still want that MK watch though, so maybe christmas wishlist?

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

See you tomorrow xx

Window Shopping #2 - Sussan

08 August 2014

Another me time, another outfit dream board. I'm enjoying writing up this kind of posts so I hope you don't mind the rambling.

Today's featured shop is Sussan

This shop has been hit and miss for me. You need to go through the store and not judge whatever is on their mannequins but needless to say, this is shop is age appropriate for me and their recent pieces are now on my outfit dream board.

Top Row (L - R)
Two Tone Statement Necklace - this on a simple white tee. Enough said.

Stripe Pleated Skirt - Pleated stripe skirts are tricky to wear, it can make you or break you. In my case, break me because the pleats usually is unflattering but I like to hope that there will be a pleated skirt that becomes the exception to the rule. Love the length, it's decent especially if you have a kid in tow. You want that casual sophistication and I think midi-length skirts/dresses do the job. I need to try to this on.

The Paris Tee - I am a sucker for this kind of shirt. Grey and baggy = Love. In my head it's already sold and I need it in my life. It's perfect on skirts (tucked in or out), perfect on shorts or skinny jeans or even leggings. The length is like I am a mid-riff but not really. The words - J'adore Paris - is enough for me. I do own another similar shirt from Miss Shop but only has "paris" on it and it's no where near hip as this shirt so that's I why I really want it.

Middle Row (L - R)
Citrus Floral Statement Necklace - One word, chartruese.

Pleated Skirt -  Love how it is in one colour and plain. I saw this on one of the ladies working in the shop and I started girl crushing on her. This is a very similar skirt my mum used to wear and she wore it with just a casual cami top and this was in the early 80s. Man, I wish she kept it and gave it to me. I want this skirt!

Sheer Panel Woven Tee - what's not to love? White - check! some kind of sheer material - Check! Sheer Sleeves - Check! I mean check, check, check! I imagine wearing this with my boyfriend jeans and my sparkly flats and some dainty necklaces combo.

Bottom Row (L - R)
Full Circle Skirt - this and the J'adore paris top = a hip me! I love this skirt but I keep on thinking where will I wear it? will it be easy to wipe off food stains from a toddler? Is it borderline SNM? I mean what, is it warm? will it be flattering? All these questions and still my mind tells me "take her home". Am I hip enough to pull this outfit? Maybe. I still want it.

Collarless Stripe Shirt - do I really need to justify this to myself? ah no. It's stripes. My wardrobe has all the variation of stripes you can imagine so adding one more piece is not a crime right? This top and skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and nice red flat shoes!

Denim Walking Shorts - this is definitely a mummy length but much more fitted and flattering and I think that's why I am feeling this shorts. Love that it's highrise too - meaning it can hold everything in. I wonder if it's very stretchy?

Unfortunately none of these items went into a basket or anything. It is still just a part of a dream board for now. If ever I'm gonna get one item, it will be the Sheer Panel Woven Tee.

Hope this wasn't too much of a ramble :)

Speak later!

Have a great weekend xx

Window Shopping #1 - ASOS

07 August 2014

This is going to be a new series in the blog since it's pretty much what I do when I'm having my me time. I am not sure if it's just me but I find it calming when I browse through ASOS. I do the usual save for later, obsess about it, sleep on it then obsess about it some more.

As of lately, here's what's on my save for later. Let's discuss.

Top Row (L - R)
ASOS Long Sleeve Top with Curved Hem in Rib - I am thinking spring when I see this. Love the idea of long sleeves so it can be worn at night too. I am sold on colour if I am being honest, I love the idea of a soft-blush-pastel pink, pair it with a really dark wash skinny jeans and ankle boots or a nice pair of heels or flats.

ASOS Fools Rush In Leather Flat Sandals - it looks fugly on the photo but this looks so comfy. I see a lot of this style in shops like Myer and DJ and I know I will get this eventually haha It comes in baby pink and baby blue but I think I'd go for white if ever I buy it. I actually remember owning a similar pair when I was in primary school and that's like in the 80s! 

New Look Leopard Print Collar Sleeveless Swing Dress - There's a lot about this dress that I love; the collar, love peter pan collars and a leopard print is winning; the swing shape is flattering on my body and I personally think it's the easiest to dress up or down; black - you can't go wrong. 

Middle Row (L - R)
ASOS Chunky Cat Eye Sunglasses - I love Cat Eye sunnies. Period.

ASOS Cross Body Bag with Snake Embossed Lock - Spring! Spring! Spring! I think this colour is just a must for spring. How many times are you gonna read spring in this post? Lots!

ASOS Spring Break Pointed Heels - Ah my love for the ASOS Spring Break range is endless. So far I own Black and Silver and they are the comfiest high heels I own and this Bright Orange is calling me mummy too. So we'll see. pssst it comes in yellow too!

Bottom Row (L - R)
ASOS Block Animal Scarf - there's something about this scarf... yeah.. what's the word... Spring!

ASOS Longline V Neck Cami Top  - ahh the simplicity of this top makes me giddy with glee I actually added this to my basket already ;-)

ASOS Sleeveless Skater Dress with Sweetheart neckline - ah the dress that I have been ogling for days. A perfect dress to go out on a date with the husband me thinks and like the cami top, it has been added to my basket already. I just hope it's not too short.

So out of 9, 2 are soon to be at my doorstep!!

Hope this wasn't much of a ramble!

See you tomorrow xx

Breakfast in Bed

06 August 2014

I (finally) got something from the Rita Ora collaboration with Rimmel London *happy dance*
The shades in this collection screams spring, happy and sunny and that little stamp on the packaging is way too cute.

I chose Breakfast in Bed (because who wouldn't), a lovely mint green very similar to the super elusive Essie's Candy Apple. 

It's on my nails today and suddenly I have mixed feelings about it. Ignore the obvious lack of painting skills of course but I feel that this shade looks tacky on me.

Good points:

- it applies like a dream.
- it has that flat brush applicator that I love
- dries very quick, not sure about 60seconds.
- 2 coats is more than enough to get that creamy-opaque look
- instantly makes your hands look tanner
- cheap as chips

Bad points:

- your lack of painting skills is exposed due to the opaqueness of the colour.

I do love the shade and I think the word is not "tacky" but more like it's not work appropriate. It's definitely a spring shade, makes you happy and warm just by looking at it. I think it will look great on toes too so I am counting the days until I can wear open toe shoes once again.

On a random note, if you check the names of all the polishes in the collection, you'd wonder how the heck can I be that person who names a nail polish . How fun would that be!

My next target is the baby-pink-almost-white shade - Lose your Lingerie. 

See you tomorrow xx

Ps. Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish are currently on sale this week at Priceline - $5aud
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(my humble) Giveaway!

05 August 2014

I said I will do a giveaway when I reach 100 likes on Mschikee.com Facebook page and as of yesterday, I reached the first 100! woot!

The humble giveaway:

I've received bunch of goodies from L'Oreal Paris Australia when I won their Ombre Hair competition on Instragram, remember this post? I still can't believe that I won!

Anyway, I am left with 3 boxes of their Ombre kit and I don't think I will use them anymore so instead of throwing them out, why not give it away :)

There will be 3 winners (one kit each). The shades are as you can see, 2x of No4 and 1x of No2.

Simple rules for the simple giveaway, let's have fun :)

1. You have to be a follower of this blog or this blog's facebook page :)
2. Leave a comment below with your favourite inspirational qoute :)
3. If your qoute wins, which shade in the lot do you prefer? (I'll try my very best to fulfil your wishes)
4. You can enter quotes as many as you want to increase your chances of wining.
5. Giveaway closes on Friday 8th August 2014 - 11:59pm (WST)

Just for this giveaway, I am only opening this to my Australian readers.

Good luck and hopefully you win!

Speak Soon xx

#FOTD for work

04 August 2014

This is what normally goes on to my face on a work day. The only thing that is not on the photo is a lip product which normally the last thing I decide on but this has been the lot for that past month. I could easily say these are my July Favourites too, makeup wise.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 - the first and probably my favourite naked palette. you can probably tell by the state of the packaging. It's all intact though and no eyeshadow is harmed.

Cargo Beach Blusher (Sunset Beach) - hands-down, my all time favourite blush/highlight combo. I got this because of Jennifer Aniston. I read somewhere that she loves this blush and obviously that's enough for me to go get it. This blush has been with me since 2009 and it still going strong and I'm very pleased and happy to report that they haven't discontinued the colour yet after all Aniston loves it.

MUFE HD Foundation - a favourite for many years now. My only issue with this is my colour match, I can't seem to get the right one. What I'm currently using (Shade 128) only works on my skin in the winter months. So it has become the designated winter foundation. I do love how it photographs though so I really need to up my game and get colour matched properly when I am in a Sephora. (Note to self: I need a holiday to a Sephora!).

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (Medium) - still the best under eye concealer in my books. I tend to venture on different brands but come back to this tube of goodness and I really haven't found any that I love as much I love this.

MAC Blush (Dollymix) - this was my second MAC purchase of all time and it still going strong and the colour payoff hasn't changed at all. This is my winter blush as it leaves a soft pink flush on my skin which is weird because as you can see on the pan, it is bright pink. I have to say I do a light-hand sweep kind of action when I'm trying to get the product out. I'm sure if I go cray-cray then I will get that clown look. This blush and the Cargo Sundset Beach are match made in heaven.

Rimmel Professional Brow (Hazel) - you all know my love for this pencil. I'll stop there.

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Engraved) - blackest black that doesn't run or smudge, that's how I'm gonna describe it. It been my long time favourite and just recently I found it hidden in one of my unused makeup bags! happy days! It's like finding a crumpled money in your newly washed jeans.

A sneaky little selfie right there for you after I've decided on what lipstick to use. I went for L'Oreal Velvet Rose as featured in this post.

Hope Monday was kind to you!

See you tomorrow xx

Back to Basics - #FOTD

01 August 2014

Today's one of those days when I don't have enough time to put shizz on my face (not even mascara!) but I have to have something on or I'll feel not myself (makeup addict dilemma). It's back to basics today, no fuss, no mess and done and made up in under 10minutes.

Bobbi Brown BB Creme (Medium-Dark) - still my favourite BB Creme of all time. It has a good coverage, I'd say on the medium side. And It makes my skin look fresh and glowy and healthy. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder (Medium) - hands down it is still my favourite setting powder. It doesn't look like you've got something on but it creates this almost airbrushed look on my skin. There something to it that it makes any horrible foundation look better...or it could just be.

Rimmel Professional Brow (Hazel) - still of one of my favourite brow pencil of all time. The colour is just perfect and the pencil itself is "solid" and "dry" enough to let you fill your brows in much more precise way. I do love my Benefit Browzing but at the moment I'm digging the lighter brows look.

Models Prefer Blush (Desk to Date) - the peachy-gold blush how I wish NARS Orgasm is to my skin. I always pick this on a day like this because it is easy, it spot on flush of colour, makes me look healthy and alive and not frozen in winter and it has a great staying power on the cheeks.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss (Super Natural) - this is the new formula, new packaging Super Lustrous range. I like this better because it's not as sticky as before and this colour is just pretty on its own or over a lipstick.

And that's it, I didn't even apply mascara as my lashes are now like baby hairs after I had those lash extensions removed, my lashes are so short that even my failsafe-no-panda-eyes Covergirl LashBlast mascara is failing miserably! But I remind myself it will grow back.

And judging by the photo below, I went back to Priceline on their last day of skincare sale and got the Sanctuary Spa Therapist's Secret Facial Oil. It was the last one on the shelf! So let's hope this makes miracles skin improvements.

Hope your day is warmer than mine!

See you tomorrow! xx