The Waterfall Jumper

28 July 2014

I have been increasingly obsessed with Aztec inspired prints in black and white. I have one item in this kind of print for every season. So it's no surprise that I gravitated to this waterfall type open-jumper when I saw it. 

The purchase was prompted by an unorganised packing mistake when we went  for a holiday to Brisbane a few weeks back. I seriously underestimated the weather thinking their winter is not as cold as ours but oh boy I was frozen on more than one occasion.

I just love this jumper. It's my go-to jumper when I need to be out the door and gone. It's warm for our kind of winter and it's really easy to dress with. I usually just wear a normal T-shirt and a skinny jeans. I think the waterfall itself is too busy so leggings or skinny jeans break the cray-cray. But then again my clothes style is always on the boring safe side.

Jeans: Just Jeans (Link!)
Waterfall Jumper: Portmans (no longer available online)
Bag: Mimco (Link!)
Shoes: I Love Billy Ankle Boots (Link!) (not in the frame)

This jumper is from Portmans. Sadly it's not available online but I am pretty sure it is in the Outlet shops. Pretty sure. This style is also everywhere like in Katies or Cotton On or Witchery or New Look so I'm sure if you're like me and like this kind of print then you'll definitely find it :)

What's your favourite winter item at the moment?

See you tomorrow x


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