Once again... I Ombré'd

14 July 2014

Lo and behold, I have again Ombre'd my hair. (if Ombre'd is actually even a verb these days). I am not too sure if you remember me doing this last year and even won something from doing it (see this post) but yeah this year is no different. I felt my hair needed something new but not necessarily different and so I decided to Ombre it again. I think if all fails, Ombre is the answer.

So while doing my usual trip to the chemist, I found the L'oreal Wild Ombre's new shade staring at me. I didn't think twice. I grabbed it.

I went home, contemplated a bit if I need to go for a haircut or even go through with it again but I immediately snapped out of it and thought YOLO.
And here is the finish product on my hair :) I think and this is my honest opinion, Ombre hair looks prettier on textured hair or curly/way hair. And in saying that I may have just committed myself to getting friends with my Vidal Sassoon hot rollers once again.

Have you tried this kit before?
Are you a fan of Ombre hair?

Until then, speak soon.


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