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27 July 2014

Hi, I'm Mschikee and I'm addicted to Gel nail polish!

Hi Mschikee!

For reals! (who says that?)

I think I am (addicted) in a way but I prefer the home kits ones and if I could avoid the LED light then the better so imagine my glee when I found the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in my local Priceline!

What sold me is that it doesn't require that special mini tanning bed looking light contraption and it can be easily removed using your normal nail polish remover. No need to soak your nails in those skin-drying acetone.

I got the safest possible shade in the history of safe because I am not too sure if I can commit to a bold shade and then be disappointed if it is horrible.

Birthday suit - as it was part of birthday present gift card - was deemed to be the best choice of shade however it has been a pain to apply. No kidding. I can easily compare it to Essie's Fiji. Lovely shade but it's a pain to apply. I am not sure though if this is just for this shade or I am way too impatient when applying the second or third coat. After all we all know that there is an art to it, right?

It's a 2 step gig and it's written everywhere on the bottle and on the box in case you can't follow what goes after Step 1. Seriously, you should see how many times it's written Step 1 and Step 2.

A few things you may want to note:

  • It does last for days. Maybe say 10days until it starts chipping off around the edges.
  • It has that signature Sally Hansen flat brush applicator which remains my favoutite thing about this brand. Usually my right hand gets the not so glamorous end result but I swear this flat brush business makes me think I am ambidextrous.
  • It does dry quicker and like it says, it doesn't need the light.
Here's some ok results for you. Ignore the half ass looking job because I promise you I did put a good hour applying-removing-re-applying-removing-and-reapplying-again but like I said this shade is rather tricky to apply but oh boy do I love the shade. I do, I really do.

All of Sally Hansen is currently half price at Priceline Australia Wide. The shade collection is slightly sad but I am guessing they will bring out the rest of shade soon maybe close to Spring as the colours are very pastel-ish. I am pretty sure I'll get some baby pink or maybe even a barbie pink for Spring.

What's your latest Nail Craze?

Talk to you tomorrow!


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  1. Great review! I'm going to pick up some :)


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