Handbag obsession (addiction) and Birthday OOTD

22 July 2014

The birthday has come and gone. Presents were opened. Squeals and jaw-dropping moments were caught on film. It were ugly and funny at the same time. I mean, a grown woman (but not necessarily mature) squeals at the sight of a handbag. I am that woman. I squeal at the sight of a handbag, the very same handbag I've been staring at online almost every night and wondering will it ever go on sale and I've been adding/removing it from my birthday wishlist.

Spoiler Alert: It went on sale and it was part of of the birthday wishlist.

I have a problem, I could never say no or stay away from handbags. I don't own anything like it is usually my line justification. I am a marketer's dream. 

I love classic pieces, timeless style, you know those that will go with everything I own even though I often hear myself saying I don't have the right bag for this outfit. But that's not the point of this post and I am not too sure why I am rambling so much.

So on to the bag, shall we? This is my current bag obsession. I received this as a very sweet and generous gift from the husband. This is from Mimco and it's called the Flashback Barrel and it was on sale (at least as far as I know it was on sale). It's like a doctor's bag to be honest but it's girlier. It's the perfect medium size. It is not too small that I can't fit a pack of baby wipes and not too big that I can pack a baby in there. It's just the perfect size and it's Black. I love the gold detailing and in my opinion, black and gold are always a perfect match and always my favourite combo. I also love that it has the very long strap for when I need to carry it like a messenger bag, usually when I am running against time and patience.
I love how light weight it is when empty and how the brand name is not printed everywhere making it a little bit mysterious. It is so me. (said me).

And of course, this lady came out with me, on a lovely winter's day, for breakfast. It completed the unplanned outfit that I wore on that day although judging by the awkward pose and smile I had while my photo was being taken, it's obvious that I can't pose for OOTD like a normal person.

Parka Jacket: Old (Forever21)
Grey Jumper: Old (Portmans)
Skinny Jeans (ankle crop): Just Jeans (Link!)
Ankle Boots: Old (I Love Billy) but I found it online -(Link!)
Bag: Mimco (Link!)
Note - they don't have Black anymore.

On another note, I did some shopping in my own stash of lipsticks and fell in love with this bright-pink number from Revlon Colourburst Lip butter. Obviously this was the lipstick of choice for the breakky event but after a big meal gone, so is the lip product but needless to say, it is one the better hydrating lip butter in the market for a cheaper price (cheaper in Australian meaning of cheaper).

If it's your birthday, Happy birthday!

Speak soon


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