Alex and Ani

25 July 2014

Meet my new arm candy! Please be warned that this post is just about a bracelet because you know that's how I roll today.

This is a twin purchase, one for me and one for a dear friend who shares the same birthday. I may have secretly wanted this for a while a now but I didn't have a good justification to actually get one until now.

Fact: Birthday present is enough justification.

I love Alex and Ani bangles. I think they look classic, trendy yet not dated and very easy to wear. You can stack them or wear them on its own. It is not chunky or too I go again...It's just right. (some great description on bracelet right there!) I prefer this matte-gold finish more than the silver and the shiny gold plated. I think this finish is more mature, more grown up.

I also love how they advocate the positive energy. It makes me feel positive when I wear it.

Fact: I am a marketer's dream child. I believe what they sell (most of the time)

It's funny how I get excited with simple bracelet like this. It must be age!

Oh before I forget, I got mine from Amazon as it's the only place I found that ships here and with relatively reasonable shipping cost. (in case you're wondering).

Fact:  I want another one.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about my new nail obsession!! 

Speak Soon!


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