Ahh Shoes!

07 July 2014

Yes, Shoes!

It's no secret that I love shoes. I think love is an understatement if I am being honest. I don't know what about it but I am nuts for it and over the years I've ventured out on the most expensive to the cheapest pair...depending on my mood and of course bank balance.

This year's latest shoe craze was all thanks to Big W's toy sale. I was there for toys and I found myself in the shoe section and found these! These are the shoes that Peter Morrissey, a known Australian designer, designed for Big W Australia. 

I don't usually go for Big W shoes in the past because I am a firm believer that it's worth it to spend on shoes with good quality as it will last you longer but hey I have been lucky finding well made shoes for the very cheap price and lasted me a good season or two and really when a designer collaborates with Big W (or the like), you're bound to find something surprisingly good. And these are my finds. 
Flat shoes galore and the most expensive of the lot only cost me AU$11.00

The quality is so comparable to the Novo shoes - meaning, fake leather, faux suede, man made sole etc. But it has been the comfiest.

My favourite so far is this pastel pink/nude flats that compliments any super skinny jeans. I can predict how big Pastel colours are going to be this Spring so I think I should be set.

I love statement pieces and sometimes I do it with shoes and these babies right here will work in every single item of clothing I own. The only challenge is to not break it until Spring is actually here.  So I am just waiting for the next sunny warm winter day so I can take one of these babies out on a date or should i say for a test run.

I can't wait to wear the leopard print, it is sooo sexy on the feet.

Unfortunately Big W don't list their shoes online so you'll have to actually physically go there and look for these.

Have you tried any of Peter Morrissey's item of clothing/footwear from Big W?

What do you think?

See you next tim



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