A mini haul #skincare

31 July 2014

Priceline is currently having their 40% off all skin care brands and as always this kind of sale results in a panic-buying scenario where you literally lose if you snooze. And if you've been to any Priceline store you know how tight every single aisle is in there and surprisingly you'll still see prams and trolleys right in the middle (guilty).

I planned my (shopping) attack and went just 1hr before the store closes. I thought it's the most genius plan ever. Not. 

I went on a whim and based my choices on the following theories:

Note: No googling. Not even checking Makeup Alley.

1. the emptiest looking shelf = must be a good brand
2. the least people hovering over = I can stand and read the ingredients without feeling guilty for taking too long
3. anything that claims that their products are natural or used in a spa or maybe made in UK or Australia.

Between the 2 brands, I am more familiar with Trilogy and I've used and loved their Rosehip oil so I was certain that I will like this as well so here's hoping it lives up to its brand name.

Sanctuary Spa on the other hand is all new to me (gosh am I adventurous or what?) but I did like what was written in the box (like i said before, I am a marketer's dream). When it uses words like firming or plumped, I am all in. In saying that, I think I might go back for their very famous Secret Therapist Oil and the Night Concentrate.

Have you tried Sanctuary Spa before? thoughts?

See you tomorrow!


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