A mini haul #skincare

31 July 2014

Priceline is currently having their 40% off all skin care brands and as always this kind of sale results in a panic-buying scenario where you literally lose if you snooze. And if you've been to any Priceline store you know how tight every single aisle is in there and surprisingly you'll still see prams and trolleys right in the middle (guilty).

I planned my (shopping) attack and went just 1hr before the store closes. I thought it's the most genius plan ever. Not. 

I went on a whim and based my choices on the following theories:

Note: No googling. Not even checking Makeup Alley.

1. the emptiest looking shelf = must be a good brand
2. the least people hovering over = I can stand and read the ingredients without feeling guilty for taking too long
3. anything that claims that their products are natural or used in a spa or maybe made in UK or Australia.

Between the 2 brands, I am more familiar with Trilogy and I've used and loved their Rosehip oil so I was certain that I will like this as well so here's hoping it lives up to its brand name.

Sanctuary Spa on the other hand is all new to me (gosh am I adventurous or what?) but I did like what was written in the box (like i said before, I am a marketer's dream). When it uses words like firming or plumped, I am all in. In saying that, I think I might go back for their very famous Secret Therapist Oil and the Night Concentrate.

Have you tried Sanctuary Spa before? thoughts?

See you tomorrow!


#nationallipstickday and #FOTD

30 July 2014

In honour of the National Lipstick Day, here's my modest contribution. And what's best to showcase my current favourite lipstick? By doing a caricature like selfie!!

The lipstick of choice for this funny selfie is from L'oreal Color Riche in Velvet Rose (378) - possibly one of the better yellow based pink lipstick out there. You can definitely see a hint of blue (cool) but not cool enough that it makes me look sick. My only issue with the L'oreal lipstick is the scent, that over powering powdery-floral scent but the colour payoff is love love love for me.

What's on the face:
Foundation: MUFE HD Foundation (128) - *Close to NC42
Setting Powder: Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder (Medium)
Mascara: Covergirl Lashblast (forever favourite)
Blush: L'oreal True Match Blush in Candy Cane

I actually love the Colour Riche range and would love to own more colours but I seem to gravitate to rose and pinks or nudes. I want to commit on something bold but not too daring (if that even exists).

Have you tried the Color Riche range from L'oreal? 

I have a mini-haul for you tomorrow!

Speak soon xx

OOTD - Red, White, Blue and Silver

29 July 2014

Today's outfit is very much so nautical or you can say Fourth of July appropriate. But in all honestly it was a product of a last minute though process.

Trench Coat: ForeverNew Millie Skirted Trench (Link!)
Shoes: ASOS (Link!)
Top: Portmans (Last Season - old)
Pants: Cue (very old)
Sunnies: MinkPink (Link!)

So let's talk about the two main items that I am very much inlove with, the trench and the shoes.

The Trench Coat

I am very much inlove with my red trench coat. It was a lovely gift from my inlaws (I swear they love too much) and it's just the prettiest shade of red I've ever seen. If I were to use the cost-per-use-and-complinent theory (a seriously made up theory by shopaholics) then this trench is already been paid for and more. The coat is called Millie Skirted Trench from ForeverNew. Sadly, red is no longer available but they have the prettiest shade of Raspberry and also a classic Navy Blue.

I swear it's Red and not Orange. Note to self, bring your proper camera next time.

The Shoes

I blame Simone of Simone Loves Makeup and Laura of Buynow/Bloglater because they made me buy it. I swear those 2 lovely ladies are such enablers. I would really love to meet them one day and discuss shopping and instragram and oh wine! I already saw this on ASOS website a while back but wasn't too sure if it will suit me and also it wasn't on sale yet. Then one day by the power of consumerism, my 2 favourite bloggers bought it and let's just say the rest is history. My husband calls it the Star Trek shoes.

I wish this shoes comes in a really nice navy blue!

Do you have a blogger/s who enables you to shop? I do!

See you tomorrow xx

The Waterfall Jumper

28 July 2014

I have been increasingly obsessed with Aztec inspired prints in black and white. I have one item in this kind of print for every season. So it's no surprise that I gravitated to this waterfall type open-jumper when I saw it. 

The purchase was prompted by an unorganised packing mistake when we went  for a holiday to Brisbane a few weeks back. I seriously underestimated the weather thinking their winter is not as cold as ours but oh boy I was frozen on more than one occasion.

I just love this jumper. It's my go-to jumper when I need to be out the door and gone. It's warm for our kind of winter and it's really easy to dress with. I usually just wear a normal T-shirt and a skinny jeans. I think the waterfall itself is too busy so leggings or skinny jeans break the cray-cray. But then again my clothes style is always on the boring safe side.

Jeans: Just Jeans (Link!)
Waterfall Jumper: Portmans (no longer available online)
Bag: Mimco (Link!)
Shoes: I Love Billy Ankle Boots (Link!) (not in the frame)

This jumper is from Portmans. Sadly it's not available online but I am pretty sure it is in the Outlet shops. Pretty sure. This style is also everywhere like in Katies or Cotton On or Witchery or New Look so I'm sure if you're like me and like this kind of print then you'll definitely find it :)

What's your favourite winter item at the moment?

See you tomorrow x


I am a Gel polish groupie #miraclemani

27 July 2014

Hi, I'm Mschikee and I'm addicted to Gel nail polish!

Hi Mschikee!

For reals! (who says that?)

I think I am (addicted) in a way but I prefer the home kits ones and if I could avoid the LED light then the better so imagine my glee when I found the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in my local Priceline!

What sold me is that it doesn't require that special mini tanning bed looking light contraption and it can be easily removed using your normal nail polish remover. No need to soak your nails in those skin-drying acetone.

I got the safest possible shade in the history of safe because I am not too sure if I can commit to a bold shade and then be disappointed if it is horrible.

Birthday suit - as it was part of birthday present gift card - was deemed to be the best choice of shade however it has been a pain to apply. No kidding. I can easily compare it to Essie's Fiji. Lovely shade but it's a pain to apply. I am not sure though if this is just for this shade or I am way too impatient when applying the second or third coat. After all we all know that there is an art to it, right?

It's a 2 step gig and it's written everywhere on the bottle and on the box in case you can't follow what goes after Step 1. Seriously, you should see how many times it's written Step 1 and Step 2.

A few things you may want to note:

  • It does last for days. Maybe say 10days until it starts chipping off around the edges.
  • It has that signature Sally Hansen flat brush applicator which remains my favoutite thing about this brand. Usually my right hand gets the not so glamorous end result but I swear this flat brush business makes me think I am ambidextrous.
  • It does dry quicker and like it says, it doesn't need the light.
Here's some ok results for you. Ignore the half ass looking job because I promise you I did put a good hour applying-removing-re-applying-removing-and-reapplying-again but like I said this shade is rather tricky to apply but oh boy do I love the shade. I do, I really do.

All of Sally Hansen is currently half price at Priceline Australia Wide. The shade collection is slightly sad but I am guessing they will bring out the rest of shade soon maybe close to Spring as the colours are very pastel-ish. I am pretty sure I'll get some baby pink or maybe even a barbie pink for Spring.

What's your latest Nail Craze?

Talk to you tomorrow!


Alex and Ani

25 July 2014

Meet my new arm candy! Please be warned that this post is just about a bracelet because you know that's how I roll today.

This is a twin purchase, one for me and one for a dear friend who shares the same birthday. I may have secretly wanted this for a while a now but I didn't have a good justification to actually get one until now.

Fact: Birthday present is enough justification.

I love Alex and Ani bangles. I think they look classic, trendy yet not dated and very easy to wear. You can stack them or wear them on its own. It is not chunky or too dainty...here I go again...It's just right. (some great description on bracelet right there!) I prefer this matte-gold finish more than the silver and the shiny gold plated. I think this finish is more mature, more grown up.

I also love how they advocate the positive energy. It makes me feel positive when I wear it.

Fact: I am a marketer's dream child. I believe what they sell (most of the time)

It's funny how I get excited with simple bracelet like this. It must be age!

Oh before I forget, I got mine from Amazon as it's the only place I found that ships here and with relatively reasonable shipping cost. (in case you're wondering).

Fact:  I want another one.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about my new nail obsession!! 

Speak Soon!


That Zara Necklace!

23 July 2014

This is the very famous Zara Necklace (Glass) that I was obsessed about - which is no longer available online and it makes me feel bad blogging about it because it has now become a very hard to find item. It was so popular that every single person I know watch on YouTube actually hunted (and found) this very necklace. I did the usual I-am-Australian-We-dont-have-Zara kind of pity party. So I thought the next normal thing to do is check online shopping but the shipping cost itself is more expensive than the necklace so I did the bravest thing... wait for it... I.Let.It.Go.
Photo Credit: Polyvore.com
A few weeks back, I had this wonderful day out with my lovely cousins and we did the whole mani-pedi session and chatted and drank copious amount of caffeine and possibly some sneaky glasses of bubbly all in a span of 4 hours - we also did the obligatory window shopping which led to some very very emotional purchases and one of which is this necklace. 

Spoiler Alert: Zara is opening soon!.

 Anyway, I saw THE Necklace in one unsuspecting shop called Sussans. This shop is a hit and miss for me but I never expected that they will carry the very same necklace! *insert shock face* 

I didn't just jump and grabbed it like a cave woman and started thumping my chest and dance my celebratory dance. I contemplated. Should I buy it? maybe not? Why now?

The enabler cousins said Why Not? 

Why not indeed.

So I happily and shakingly took it off the rack and placed it over the counter and muttered the best phrase ever..I'll take this one please.

I am not too sure if it's a dupe or is it the exact same thing. It feels like glass but it's not like the really heavy my neck is going to break heavy. It is pretty ok very pretty. It definitely adds that zazz (is it even a word?) to any boring outfit and I have too many of those. What can I say, I am just inlove with it.

Sadly this is no longer available at Sussans..booo! But I did found it on eBay for you and there are others more in there but be careful, some are really over priced.

Ok that's my ramble.How can someone write this much about a necklace.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my new arm candy :) hahaha

Spoiler Alert: It's not Tatum or Gosling.

Speak soon!


Handbag obsession (addiction) and Birthday OOTD

22 July 2014

The birthday has come and gone. Presents were opened. Squeals and jaw-dropping moments were caught on film. It were ugly and funny at the same time. I mean, a grown woman (but not necessarily mature) squeals at the sight of a handbag. I am that woman. I squeal at the sight of a handbag, the very same handbag I've been staring at online almost every night and wondering will it ever go on sale and I've been adding/removing it from my birthday wishlist.

Spoiler Alert: It went on sale and it was part of of the birthday wishlist.

I have a problem, I could never say no or stay away from handbags. I don't own anything like it is usually my line justification. I am a marketer's dream. 

I love classic pieces, timeless style, you know those that will go with everything I own even though I often hear myself saying I don't have the right bag for this outfit. But that's not the point of this post and I am not too sure why I am rambling so much.

So on to the bag, shall we? This is my current bag obsession. I received this as a very sweet and generous gift from the husband. This is from Mimco and it's called the Flashback Barrel and it was on sale (at least as far as I know it was on sale). It's like a doctor's bag to be honest but it's girlier. It's the perfect medium size. It is not too small that I can't fit a pack of baby wipes and not too big that I can pack a baby in there. It's just the perfect size and it's Black. I love the gold detailing and in my opinion, black and gold are always a perfect match and always my favourite combo. I also love that it has the very long strap for when I need to carry it like a messenger bag, usually when I am running against time and patience.
I love how light weight it is when empty and how the brand name is not printed everywhere making it a little bit mysterious. It is so me. (said me).

And of course, this lady came out with me, on a lovely winter's day, for breakfast. It completed the unplanned outfit that I wore on that day although judging by the awkward pose and smile I had while my photo was being taken, it's obvious that I can't pose for OOTD like a normal person.

Parka Jacket: Old (Forever21)
Grey Jumper: Old (Portmans)
Skinny Jeans (ankle crop): Just Jeans (Link!)
Ankle Boots: Old (I Love Billy) but I found it online -(Link!)
Bag: Mimco (Link!)
Note - they don't have Black anymore.

On another note, I did some shopping in my own stash of lipsticks and fell in love with this bright-pink number from Revlon Colourburst Lip butter. Obviously this was the lipstick of choice for the breakky event but after a big meal gone, so is the lip product but needless to say, it is one the better hydrating lip butter in the market for a cheaper price (cheaper in Australian meaning of cheaper).

If it's your birthday, Happy birthday!

Speak soon


Once again... I Ombré'd

14 July 2014

Lo and behold, I have again Ombre'd my hair. (if Ombre'd is actually even a verb these days). I am not too sure if you remember me doing this last year and even won something from doing it (see this post) but yeah this year is no different. I felt my hair needed something new but not necessarily different and so I decided to Ombre it again. I think if all fails, Ombre is the answer.

So while doing my usual trip to the chemist, I found the L'oreal Wild Ombre's new shade staring at me. I didn't think twice. I grabbed it.

I went home, contemplated a bit if I need to go for a haircut or even go through with it again but I immediately snapped out of it and thought YOLO.
And here is the finish product on my hair :) I think and this is my honest opinion, Ombre hair looks prettier on textured hair or curly/way hair. And in saying that I may have just committed myself to getting friends with my Vidal Sassoon hot rollers once again.

Have you tried this kit before?
Are you a fan of Ombre hair?

Until then, speak soon.


Ahh Shoes!

07 July 2014

Yes, Shoes!

It's no secret that I love shoes. I think love is an understatement if I am being honest. I don't know what about it but I am nuts for it and over the years I've ventured out on the most expensive to the cheapest pair...depending on my mood and of course bank balance.

This year's latest shoe craze was all thanks to Big W's toy sale. I was there for toys and I found myself in the shoe section and found these! These are the shoes that Peter Morrissey, a known Australian designer, designed for Big W Australia. 

I don't usually go for Big W shoes in the past because I am a firm believer that it's worth it to spend on shoes with good quality as it will last you longer but hey I have been lucky finding well made shoes for the very cheap price and lasted me a good season or two and really when a designer collaborates with Big W (or the like), you're bound to find something surprisingly good. And these are my finds. 
Flat shoes galore and the most expensive of the lot only cost me AU$11.00

The quality is so comparable to the Novo shoes - meaning, fake leather, faux suede, man made sole etc. But it has been the comfiest.

My favourite so far is this pastel pink/nude flats that compliments any super skinny jeans. I can predict how big Pastel colours are going to be this Spring so I think I should be set.

I love statement pieces and sometimes I do it with shoes and these babies right here will work in every single item of clothing I own. The only challenge is to not break it until Spring is actually here.  So I am just waiting for the next sunny warm winter day so I can take one of these babies out on a date or should i say for a test run.

I can't wait to wear the leopard print, it is sooo sexy on the feet.

Unfortunately Big W don't list their shoes online so you'll have to actually physically go there and look for these.

Have you tried any of Peter Morrissey's item of clothing/footwear from Big W?

What do you think?

See you next tim