Winter Must Haves #1

24 June 2014

I'm definitely feeling the cold this winter. I have this memory that it wasn't this cold last year but I could be wrong, who knows.

Anyway, meet my Winter Must Haves, Hands edition. The Body Shop's Almond Hand & Nail Cream and Soap & Glory's Hand Food.

I have a pet peeve - dry/rough hands and I don't mean other people's hands. I mean mine. I hate the feeling of having dry/rough hands. I seriously could not stand it. I get goosebumps-nail-on-blackboard-kind-goosebumps and also I can hear the sound of dryness... arrgghhh I'm getting goosebumps now just thinking of it. I'm officially weird.

To manage the goosebumps, I have been reunited to my all-time favourite hand cream, Almond Hand and Nail cream from The Body Shop. This is probably my 3rd tube in the last 3 years maybe. It's one of the better hand creams that The Body Shop can offer and I find that this makes my nails shiny and stronger (the more I use it of course). The smell used to be a divine smell for me but of course now it's just meh. But this tube of goodness doesn't fail me. ever.

So it doesn't make sense why I would get myself acquainted to Soap & Glory Hand Food. Why you ask? Well, when I saw Soap & Glory range in Kit Cosmetics while killing time and I felt this immense need to fulfil my birthday wishlist. I am glad I did. There's nothing mind blowing about this product but it does the job. It has a very nice sweet-fruity scent that is very different with the Almond Hand Cream and I can honestly say that the sweetness of the scent can be offensive to some but I like it. It actually reminds me of Britney Spear's Fantasy perfume.

I don't have a preference really. I love both and I will be repurchasing one or the other or both (why not). I don't even know which one to recommend because I equally love both.

Hope that wasn't a boring post.

Tomorrow, I'll try to write about something more interesting, maybe a foot cream? hehehe. But if this post actually entertained you then *high five*

Speak soon my loves!


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