Winter Must Haves #1

24 June 2014

I'm definitely feeling the cold this winter. I have this memory that it wasn't this cold last year but I could be wrong, who knows.

Anyway, meet my Winter Must Haves, Hands edition. The Body Shop's Almond Hand & Nail Cream and Soap & Glory's Hand Food.

I have a pet peeve - dry/rough hands and I don't mean other people's hands. I mean mine. I hate the feeling of having dry/rough hands. I seriously could not stand it. I get goosebumps-nail-on-blackboard-kind-goosebumps and also I can hear the sound of dryness... arrgghhh I'm getting goosebumps now just thinking of it. I'm officially weird.

To manage the goosebumps, I have been reunited to my all-time favourite hand cream, Almond Hand and Nail cream from The Body Shop. This is probably my 3rd tube in the last 3 years maybe. It's one of the better hand creams that The Body Shop can offer and I find that this makes my nails shiny and stronger (the more I use it of course). The smell used to be a divine smell for me but of course now it's just meh. But this tube of goodness doesn't fail me. ever.

So it doesn't make sense why I would get myself acquainted to Soap & Glory Hand Food. Why you ask? Well, when I saw Soap & Glory range in Kit Cosmetics while killing time and I felt this immense need to fulfil my birthday wishlist. I am glad I did. There's nothing mind blowing about this product but it does the job. It has a very nice sweet-fruity scent that is very different with the Almond Hand Cream and I can honestly say that the sweetness of the scent can be offensive to some but I like it. It actually reminds me of Britney Spear's Fantasy perfume.

I don't have a preference really. I love both and I will be repurchasing one or the other or both (why not). I don't even know which one to recommend because I equally love both.

Hope that wasn't a boring post.

Tomorrow, I'll try to write about something more interesting, maybe a foot cream? hehehe. But if this post actually entertained you then *high five*

Speak soon my loves!


Life Lately #1

23 June 2014

There are no better words to describe what has happened in the last few weeks/months that made me MIA from blogging other than doing one of the "Life Lately" posts... so here it is!

Top Row (L-R)
1 - A family member turned 1. It was one of the best days.
2 - Mother's Day came and I celebrated it with all the mothers in my family and circle of friends.
3 - That "Hat" that my cousin and I have been looking for and we've found it but we couldn't bring ourselves to pay for the price tag... not that it's expensive, it's just not that justified (yet). So it will remain as part of a selfie-memory.

Middle Row (L-R)
1 - A very fun and tearful bachelorette party in my Honour!
2 - I became a bride
3 - What my nails looked like when I became bride. It wasn't my favourite but it was the best looking of all the lot they did and trust me I was in 2 different nail salons.

Bottom Row (L-R)
1 - Kmart shoes that matches so well with my forever favourite MK bag!
2 - What I really wanted my nails to be when I was a bride - this is the Powder my Nose CND Shellac shade.
3 - The dress that I have been eyeing from ASOS and it has always been sold out in my size (Size 12)! And it has been replenished with new stock and I keep on missing out so if you happen to see Size 12 available, message me :)

So that's my life lately, I'm hoping that I'll be able to update my blog regularly. I have tons of posts that I wanted to write. I got tons of things that I wanted to rave and rant about! 

Speak soon xx

(See what I did there?)

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