15 December 2014

I joined in the bandwagon and got me my first Estee Lauder Pure Envy Lipstick in Rebellious Rose!


01 December 2014

A week ago I went and had my hair cut and colour - Link! and then I had it cut again just before we left for the honeymoon! What?!!


30 November 2014

We are half way our cruise and so far my favourite is the Isle of Pines in New Calendonia!

Just think white sand, crystal clear water and amazing hospitality! 

I came from beautiful Philippines and New Caledonia is almost home. 

Here are some (New Caledonia) photos from my phone :) 

Look how clear is that water!! 

Hope you are all having a great weekend! 

Speak soon!!

Ps. Bula is hello in Fijian. We are currently in Suva as I type this so again Bula to you all!


28 November 2014

Remember my other post - Link! - well I've changed my mind again! By the time you are reading this I am already in the cruise and here's my new what's in my bag - Travel Edit.

ps. I wrote this post after I've packed everything in and I was too tired to get it to check the names. So if you see shade names like "brownish" then you know why.


26 November 2014

This post is inspired by Simone of Simonelovesmakeup. She wrote a beautiful labour and delivery post - (Link!) - about her Charlie and it took me back memory lane when I had ze Toddler. So I decided to finally write his story. You need a drink too if you like to continue reading.


25 November 2014

Ahoy matey!

Another quick touch base post :-) I am on board the cruise and it is so exciting!!

The photos may look smaller because I am using the app on my phone. 

I thought of going nautical outfit wise. Turns out I am not alone in this thinking process. 

Anyway this is home for a few days. Hopefully I get to update you of my shenanigans. Enjoy the rest of your week :-) 

I'll talk to you soon xx


24 November 2014

My latest acquisitions from the Priceline 40% sale last week are proving to be a Hit this time. It's from the brand Essence and it's their Longlasting Lipstick range.


23 November 2014

I am in Sydney! It's officially my honeymoon and so far I've stuffed my self with copious amount of Starbucks (my favourite is Gingerbread latte) and macarons and all the good things the Perth doesn't offer (yet).

So far I loved every single bit about Sydney including the fireworks last night. Here's some snapshots of me and food.

Btw, it's MAC Fanfare on my lips today and MAC Ripe for love on the cheeks :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. I best get to my Honeymoon and do what honeymooners do ;-)

I'll speak to you soon xx


21 November 2014

I did it. I had a haircut and I had a major colour change.

PRICELINE HAUL (from the 40% Off Cosmetic Sale)

19 November 2014

So it happened. Priceline and their 40% crazy sale. As always they took my money away. 


17 November 2014

I blame the skincare switch to Fluer of Fluer De Force. I watched one of her get ready videos and her skincare for the day was Olay. Now, I don't know if that was sponsored or she loves Olay but it was enough for me to go ahead and switch.


14 November 2014

I caved in and applied the Kester Black nail polish I got from my Bella Box - Link! In the process of doing so I also made a booboo and cut myself!


13 November 2014

Let's pause for a bit as we look at this photo. This was taken 3 years ago and before I had ze baby. 
This is one of my favourite trips I had as it was just a weekend of beach, sand and sun. 

So on to the post, my holiday is coming up soon (real soon).  We're going on a cruise!! (weeeeeee) I've been trying to get started with packing and just be organised. I thought why not start with the hardest one - Makeup!


10 November 2014

The search for the best nude nail polish continues although I may have found a worthy runner-up.

KATY PERRY PRISMATIC TOUR - Perth, Western Australia

08 November 2014

Can someone get that please?!

I swear my ears are still ringing from last night's shenanigans but oh it was all worth it.

The lovely husband kindly and lovingly took me to the Katy Perry Prismatic concert last night. (I actually forced him) It was Ms Perry's first show in Australia and she gave us, her Katy Cats, ONE.AWESOME.NIGHT.

Let's talk about the crowd. Her Katy Cats (fans) took it to another level. I mean there were Cleopatras, Jungle ladies, cupcake-tutu-wearers ladies everywhere. The ladies (on a date) brought their A-game and wore the tightest dress possible with their cat ears head bands on while their dates held their cool together and gave the other men some manly-stares of I know what you're going through bro. Anything for brownie points for sure. There were mum-daughters date and daddy-daughters date. There were guys in blue wigs, hoola skirts and ninja turtles costumes. And there were ladies in 2-piece of cloth/tea towel held by a string. Like I said another level.

Here's how my day/night went:

Getting Ready:

I thought why not curl my hair for the night. I haven't done it in a while. Why not curl it with a straightener / flat iron because I haven't done that EVER. What could possibly go wrong? Lessons learned came fast. First, my hair looked like a birds' nest. It was an epic fail and there were no do-over moments. Second, you'd think watching a YouTube tutorial as you do your hair will make it heaps easy? Think again. In the end, I went with the cray-big hair look and hoped that no birds will attack me.

BELLA BOX - OCTOBER 2014 (First Impressions)

07 November 2014

I'm a little bit behind when it comes to Beauty Boxes. I don't have any philosophical reasons why I only joined last month. I just kinda didn't feel the want to when it first came out.


05 November 2014

Let's get it out there, these blushes are AH-MAH-ZING!

I am obsessed with these it's not even funny. I love everything about them. It's very affordable (AU$4.99). It's very pigmented and the finish is just beautiful on the cheeks. It stays on for hours without having to touch up and the quality is surprisingly better than some high-end blushes that I own.

MARIAH CAREY - The Elusive Chanteuse - Australian Tour - Perth, WA

03 November 2014

The day finally came and we get to see Ms Diva herself - Mariah Carey last night at the beautiful Sandalford Winery Estate. 

So let's recap the day/night shall we?

The day started with so much excitement over the fact that we are going to see her live.

I planned my outfit and the aim was comfort. I wore my good ol' skinny jeans from Country Road (5 years old), my favourite stripey top - (Link!), very light cargo/utility jacket from Katies and my white, Converse knock-off sneakers from Target - (Link!). Funny enough my date for the night had pretty much the same outfit ensemble sans the stripes. Twinsies!

AUSTRALIS OH HAI BROW (Eyebrow Shaping Kit)

31 October 2014

Australis Cosmetics released another fabulous product. They are truly amping up their game this year. First was the ever so elusive AC On Tour Kit Countour and Highlight kit. That thing is selling like hotcakes and it's always sold out in my local Priceline stores. And now the brow shaping kit - Oh Hai Brow!. I personally prefer the eyebrow kit because we all know my relationship with my brows is very special. 


30 October 2014

Here's the deal, I deleted all the photos I took this morning. It was an impulsive clean out thinking I've got it sorted. Ah Nope. All photos taken today were deleted and my trash emptied. Funny really. So I thought why not take this as a sign to start doing Taking Stock posts where I update you about me. I actually love reading this kind of posts from other Bloggers so I'm gonna give it a go. Call this my buffer post.

Here we go...

Making: a list of what to pack for our holiday. The list is just in my head though, I haven't scribbled anything yet. I'll most likely over-pack again.

Cooking: and freezing batches of Filipino food for the Fam Bam so I don't have to cook everyday.

Drinking: Coffee but I wish it's Gloria Jeans Peach Iced Tea with heaps of ice.

Reading: Beauty blogs to help me create my Christmas wishlist. I want a lot of things! I seriously need Estee Lauder Pure Envy lipsticks me thinks. I hope santa is reading this post again.

Wanting: (Desperately) to visit the new Zara store in town. It's calling me mummy.

Playing: With the idea of a short hair in my head. I am thinking Jessica Mauboy's hair or Sincerely Jules. I need something easy yet not too short. Good luck to my hairdresser!

Wasting: time worrying about small things (as always).

Sewing: Dribble bibs for ze Toddler. At least that's the plan. I'll make it happen soon.

Wishing: for a great honeymoon with ze Husband.

Deciding: If I want a new wallet or a new cross body bag for Christmas. #toughdecisionstomake

Enjoying: my morning T25 sessions in peace. No toddler trying to make me laugh or climbing over my back when I do push-ups.

Waiting: for my first Bella Box!!

Liking: the idea of more date nights. We just watched Gone Girl and I enjoyed it so much.

Wondering: If I should make a poster to take with me to Mariah Carey concert on the weekend. I'm 34 yrs old who wants to make posters for MC. Isn't that cool or sad?

Loving: my new Australis Oh Hai Brow Kit. I love this better than my Benefit Browzing. Boom.

Considering: getting the Australis Contour palette but I don't really need it.

Watching: New Season Scandal, Flash, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and re-runs of Spooks.

Hoping: to lose more inches around the waist.

Marvelling: At the toddler and how he tries to put words together and still sound gibberish. I'm normally like that before I have my coffee so maybe he needs coffee? #badparenting101

Needing: A pedicure so bad! I need my feet to look presentable again.

Smelling: like a Jasmine flower. I'm loving the Moringa range in The Body Shop. It's fresh and very spring.

Following: new beauty blogs with hilarious authors like Muskstickmao!

Wearing: A Country Road pencil skirt from the I can't wear this box and top from Portmans. I need more skirts for work though to beat the heat. Beat the Heat! (any NBA fans out there? You know that phrase).

Noticing: That my toddler is more and more responsive now after his Grommets surgery. He's actually hilarious like a standup comedian.

Knowing: That My Kitchen Rules is coming back soon on TV to cease my reality TV cravings. The Bachelor Australia left me longing.

Thinking: of getting some new pillows.

Feeling: excited for the honeymoon.

Buying: Too much lipsticks.

Getting: Excited about the holiday and worried about my time away from ze toddler.

Bookmarking: more Australian Beauty blogs to follow. I think most of the blogs I read are from UK, it's time to go local.

Giggling: Over the idea of painting ze Toddler green for the Halloween so our Avengers family will be complete.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I'll do another photoshoot again and hopefully I won't end up deleting it again.

I'll see you tomorrow xx


29 October 2014

MUFE HD Foundation (128)
MAC Mineralised Eyeshadow Trio (Togetherness - Limited Edition)
MAC Angel Lipstick
NARS Deep Throat blush
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
L'Oreal Infallible Liner
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

And so it happened, the toddler got to my makeup drawers! The crime scene was a total mess. Eyeshadow pots on the floor, blushes on the window sill, eyeliners and lipsticks in my rubbish bin and make up brushes are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!


28 October 2014

May I present to you my new favourite pair of pumps. I have a thing for anything that resembles a leopard print.  It's seriously becoming an addiction now. It has to stop at some stage you'd think.


27 October 2014


Savvy Cosmetics by DB Lipstick and Blush review

23 October 2014

As far as I know, Savvy cosmetics is own by DB (Designer Brands) and they are known for their (very) affordable prices. Personally, I didn't consider trying this brand because it's too cheap and for me that usually mean crappola quality and waste of money. (I am not really a brand snob, promise). Then one of my favourite Aussie blogger, Makeup and Macaroons, featured 2 Savvy lipsticks on IG for #7daysoflipstick and before you know it I was already imagining a Priceline haul.

Midi Skirt and Pussy bow Top #OOTD

22 October 2014

Today's OOTD is probably one of my favourite. It's from the I can't wear any of these box that I recently got from our storage and it turns out that I do own a midi skirt all this time!

Orange Lipsticks

21 October 2014

OMG I've got too many lipsticks...said no beauty-blogger ever. That's a fact.

I had the most exciting task of colour coordinating my lipsticks this morning while I figure out which MAC lipsticks I should return for my yearly Back to MAC. It's a daunting challenge for sure but this post is not about that. It's about my orange lipsticks. I only have 3.


20 October 2014

There's something going on with my skin. I can't seem to make any of my loved liquid foundation to work. It looks ashy on me. All of them too! I have a feeling it's my current moisturiser. I think (maybe) the SPF factor in that cream is more a physical sunscreen rather than chemical one? It's really bugging me. So for the time being, I am back to basics. And I mean really basic basics. Powder foundation.

These is my make-up mess this morning.


17 October 2014

When a product is named with a big promise like 25HR lasting finish you get tempted like a moth to a fire. I for instance were immediately bought by the idea. Challenge accepted.

There are 2 types in this range, I got the one with Comfort serum and it has full coverage. The other type is the Lasting Nude Finish and apparently this has medium coverage.

My criteria for liking a foundation are simple:

1. It has to last on my face for a good few hours. (8hrs max perhaps - longer than that is a bonus)
2. Primer shouldn't be necessary (becuase I am not really a big primer person)


16 October 2014

I've been digging out my summer clothes from the  I can't wear any of this box and I found an old favourite dress, possibly 3 yrs old now. It's a shift / T-shirt / Bodycon dress from Country Road. In all honesty, I am not sure how to describe this dress. It's T-shirt material like 100% cotton but it looks like a shift dress with the right ruching around the tummy area concealing my babygut but it looks like bodycon dress too without the tight-stretchiness to it. 

3 Things that makes me happy about this dress:
  1. I paid good money for it which goes to show that good quality clothes lasts longer (provided you look after it as well). I know I wore this a LOT before because of my cost per wear justification but I am amazed how it is still in great condition. Money well spent.
  2. You best sit down for this point ... are you sitting down? OK, this is a pre-baby dress and is size XS! yes, an extra small people! Hallelujah!! 
  3. Did I say it's an extra small?
No way I lost weight hence the excitement to be able to fit in this dress. It's one of those dresses that is forgiving. I had to pair it with a plain chambray shirt just so I won't feel too conscious should the old gut decides to make an appearance. The print however creates this illusion and makes your eyes confused. is it a gut? or it is the fabric? pppfffff-smoke-magic!

Here's some sneaky little OOTD.

How do you like my messy hair? It's a I-didn't-brush-my-hair kind and I like it. If only I can get more volume around the roots without having to use hair tools or lots of product that would be the dream.


15 October 2014

I've broken up with my long-time favourite mascara. If you've been following my blog you would know I am loyal to Covergirl Lashblast. It was a love affair that lasted 7 years so I am heart broken. I've ventured to different brands but I've always come back to CG Lashblast. Always. It gave my lashes volume and length. It stays put and never gave me any panda eyes. It is always on sale and easily accessible. It is affordable


14 October 2014

Got my nails done by me in case you haven't noticed the smudges around the nails itself. 

Finally I got to try the other shade from the Sally Hansen Spring Racing Collection - this is the peach of cake. I really want to become a nail polish namer when I grow up! Wait, is that even a job title?


13 October 2014

This is the cursed pair shorts. Whenever I wear it the sunny and warm weather turn cold and cloudy. I am not kidding! First was in Goldcoast. I have to admit it was winter but the weather was sunny and a lovely 24C and surely you would think this is a shorts kind of day. It wasn't. I was frozen.

This past weekend, I took it out again and I am not kidding it was bright and sunny but after this OOTD photo, temperature dropped! It freezing once again. It was too late to change so I just had to suck it up and commit to the outfit.


12 October 2014

Missoni For Target finally happened.The released crashed the Target site on launch day and led a lot of angry fashionista so angry. Thunder and Lightning and people crying on social media "Why me?!!!!" because no one can add anything in their baskets!

I skipped it, the launch day I mean. I thought I'll go the next day but so as the rest of the Western Australia. It was pretty much what everyone else were thinking about because my local Target were packed and the shoppers acted like vultures around the merchandise. Oh don't you be putting back anything on the shelf because it will be snapped. 

I literally panicked and grabbed items that looked good but I would never pick in million years and then I also picked dresses and skirts that I know I can pull off. You see the actual Missoni print is unforgiving most of the times to my type of body shape. And the sizes are all off for me so it was frustrating.

OUTFIT ON REPEAT - #PeterMorrissey

10 October 2014

Ok I am gonna confess, I wore this outfit 2x in row this week. It had food stains at the end of Day 1 but oh no it didn't stop me wearing it again the next day.

Some might say it's too "dark" for spring..errr...hello, have you seen the yellow strip?

Some = husband

I seriously love this outfit. I got the skirt some time ago but only had the chance to wear it today without feeling cold (or looking like an idiot). It's from Peter Morrissey collection in Big W. It's lightweigh almost like silk. I love the zebra prints and the splash of yellow to brighten things up. And can we just have a slow clap happening for the side pockets. I mean skirts with pockets are awesome.

#SallyHansen Spring Racing Collection in Almost Almond

07 October 2014

I finally tried on the new polish I got from Sally Hansen - Spring Racing Collection in shade Almost Almond. I believe that this is an Australian only release? or maybe not. Maybe they just used the racing seasons as part of their marketing and named it "Racing Collecion". 

Anyway, so I did my nails.

My painting skills remain in a level most people would describe as rubbish
It's the ultimate crapola. Totally made up word btw.

The shade however is beautiful.

It's pearlescent Ivory with golden sheen to it. There is no 3D effects-kind like other pearlescent type polishes, you know the ones with purple or bluish tinge to it. The shade is simple and clean. Let's just say that it's nude but it's not flat. hhmm does that even make sense? hahaha

I like this because it's neutral enough to match any outfit and any jewelry combo. I think this is very similar to Essie's Allure or what is more known for as the Kate Middleton's wedding nail polish. Which is why I feel sophisticated and chic at the moment. Lah-dee-dah.

It's definitely one of the better nude shades I've tried. It's not brown, it's not mauve. It's definitely ivory beige.

Sadly, my quest for the best nude polish is still on. I really want to find something similar to CND Shellac's Powder Me Nose but in a more home-kit friendly formula.

Do you like nude nails?

Speak soon xx

Favourite Foundation for the warmer days - #Covergirl

06 October 2014

This is what I look like with no foundation on. Some would say that I don't really need it  but I really beg to differ, I mean look at it. 

(some = husband)

I look tired or in a more beauty blogger appropriate description - I look meh.
Only the likes of Anastasia Steele and Bella Swan can be with no makeup and still look amazingly beautiful. Fiction People!!

I need foundation in my life.
Foundation, in whatever form, changes your life, boosts your confidence, drains your bank account and takes more of your time in the morning but hey it makes a difference and if you're like me then you'll feel much more put together and presentable.

My current favourite is the Covergirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation - this shizz doesn't disappoint me especially in the warmer days. It keeps the oils and all that nasties at bay and somehow keeps everything looking fresh for the whole day with no touch-ups.

I can honestly go through 2 bottles in summer. That's how much I love this and probably how much I use. Clearly, something went right in the Covergirl's lab because this is beating the crap out of Revlon's ColorStay in the last year or 2.

Real Technique's Miracle Complexion Sponge is the best thing that this foundation has met as well. I mean who would have thought? They just work well together and in fact I declare them married for life.

Here's my mug with just foundation on. Look at the difference. I look more awake and refreshed. The skin is even, spots concealed and freckles toned down.

I find that I am forever searching for the best foundation but in the mean time this will do.
I'm currently testing another high-street/drugstore foundation and hoping to blog about it tomorrow or the next day.

What's your HG foundation?

Until next time! xx

Mini-Haul - #SallyHansen Spring Collection

04 October 2014

I came across today the Sally Hansen's new Spring Collection at Chemist Warehouse and oh boy it called me Momma. I had to take a few home because I just have to!

I got a nude one called Almost Almond - surprise surprise! I think this is the nude that I've been looking for, here's hoping at least. It looks so promising in the bottle and jeez I hope it doesn't disappoint. I mean my quest for the best nude polish should end one day, (I hope).

Another shade that I hope translates "pretty" is Peach of Cake. I mean look at it in the bottle, how gorgeous is that? I actually don't own anything like it so I hope it is a good colour choice.

I am currently on no nail-polish weekend to give my nails a break so close up photos should be up next week when I finally try these babies.

Have you seen the all the colours in person? You have to see it. My other favourite that I think I'll come back for is the pastel green called "Barracuda". 

Hope you're having a good weekend so far!

See you tomorrow xx

ps. this is not sponsored by Sally Hansen. 
It's husband-sponsored though ;-)

Brand Focus: Real Techniques #realtechniques

30 September 2014

(L-R) Buffing Brush, Expert Face Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Miracle Complexion Sponge

These are my favourite Real Techniques brushes. I have to admit that the initial curiosity about using these brushes is mainly because I love and adore Pixiwoo sisters since the beginning of their YouTube career. You can call me biased but you have to trust me, these brushes are amazing!

- They are well made
- The fibres are uber soft
- No shedding (I've had these brushes for more than a year now and it is still intact)
- The handles don't rust
- It's easy to clean

#MiracleMani - Birthday Suit take 2

29 September 2014

Remember my post about he Miracle Mani in Shade Birthday Suit? If you look back on this post -  (Link!) - it was obvious that I have love/hate relationship but it's only with this particular shade. It's an amazing nude but it's just a pain in the ass.

But thanks to reality TV, think I may have discovered the best way to apply it and it's my duty to report this.

My epiphany was realised while watching the ever so entertaining #TheBachelorAustrlia. They did some sneaky product placement of the new Miracle Gel Polish while the girls were happily chit chatting and doing their nails. One girl is applying the very same shade and let's just say her nails (on both hands) looked immaculate. Let's also pretend she did it all herself and no nail's expert did it for her behind the scenes, ok?

The order of polish and chitchat was:

1 - Apply first coat on one hand
2 - Complained about why another girl kissed The Bachelor on a group date! On a group date people!
3 - Apply first coat on the other hand
4 - Complain about how it's rude it was to "monopolised" The Bachelor on a group date.
5 - Apply the second coat
6 - Complain some more
7 - Apply top coat
8 - Complain some more
9 - Boom, immaculate nails!

So I did the very same thing and look! May I present to you my immaculate looking nails on my left hand *tada* I wish I could say the same for my right hand but hey it's an improvement. No streaks and no bald patches.

I just followed what the girls in the Bachelor house were doing. I applied a coat then talked non-sense about #theBachelorAustralia then applied another coat then talked more non-sense and repeat.

And that my friend is how I spent my Saturday night. Things can get exciting when you have a DVR. On a good note, I am much more up to date with The Bachelor and I am now #TeamLisa!

For some hilarious reviews about the show, check - Rosie's Reviews on Mamamia.